Modern US History Lessons Learned

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Modern US History Lessons Learned by Mind Map: Modern US History Lessons Learned

1. ***Economics:*** How has economics impacted America & Americans?

1.1. The Prohibition

1.1.1. Prohibition lead to violence if you ban a popular drug violence and outcry ensued

1.2. 1920s working Class

1.2.1. wages increased hours decreases so people had leisure time which led to the increase of media and advertisements

1.3. credit

1.3.1. When people uses credit they get into debt and when there is too much debt they are in big trouble when the economy goes down

1.4. Causes of the Great depression

1.4.1. People need to be more wary of the stock market and treat it with respect because it can always drop and smaller rises are smaller falls

1.5. WW2 Homefront

1.5.1. People on the home front will also help the war effort by Production Conservation and investment

1.6. WW2

1.6.1. supporting other countries will lead them to support us and economic gain.

1.7. mass production

1.7.1. more are produced so they are less expensive but people buy more than they can afford and go into debt.

1.8. Early Cold War

1.8.1. The usa needs good trading partners to keep thier economy strong and have good financial standing as a Country

1.9. Civil Rights

1.9.1. Bus boycotts made the american society realize how much African Americans are important to the economic growth/decay of America

2. ***Migration*** What causes migration and how has it impacted America?

2.1. Immigration

2.1.1. during the 1920s it caused lots of controversy and it always will just like what is happening today and it also has a lot of positives

2.2. WW2

2.2.1. many jews attempted to leave the country and migrate to other countries so they wouldnt be killed or be sent to concentration camoso0ther countries did not step in

2.3. Communist Cuba

2.3.1. when a government takes private business, citizens will have a mass migration to another country

3. ***Leaders & Presidents*** What makes an effective or ineffective leader?

3.1. Fdr vs Hoover

3.1.1. in good times republicans will be elected and in bad times democrats will be elected

3.2. WW2

3.2.1. Militarism and alliances when more powerful leaders work together it causes them to have a greater chance of winning which forces other countries to join the war militarism caused mass destruction for everryone

3.3. WW2

3.3.1. leaders are more likely to have radical ideas in bad times for a country

3.4. Assanition

3.4.1. JFK, MLK, and Malcolm X all were killed due to supporting or fightiing for civil rights if someone is killed for supporting civil rights it will just add to more people fighting

3.5. Vietnam War

3.5.1. Nixon was the president who ended the Vietnam war, but as he got American soldiers to leave, the NVA quickly overtook the south and Nixon had very low approval ratings. Because of this and other factors, Nixon Resigned the presidency and Ford became the next president. ----- When a President makes a very large mistake in war, he will be pressured to resign by the people of America and it will cause humiliation

4. ***Government:*** What is the role and responsibility of the American government?

4.1. New Deal

4.1.1. If the government tries to push its boundaries there will be backlash and fighting

4.2. WW2

4.2.1. many people thought the us would be the best place to go but america ws very hesitant to allow everything occuring into their country so jews were stuck

4.3. Great Society

4.3.1. when the government decreases taxes, and creates large social programs, government debt will increase.

4.4. Cuban Missile Crisis

4.4.1. it is important for governments to have means to communicate so that they can avoid dangerous situations like the cuban missile crisis and the naval blockade

4.5. Vietnam War

4.5.1. The Government started lying to the people during the Vietnam war because they were protesting it and the government was pressured to leave the war. They told the people that the south Vietnamese army was ready to take on the north and could win as america withdrew from Vietnam, but this did nit happen and the NVA quickly came and took over the south and people lost trust in the government----- When the government lies to the people, people will not trust the government for decades to come

5. ***Foreign Relations*** How have foreign entanglements influence America?

5.1. WW1

5.1.1. Forming allies can draw the country into a broader conflict when the US is unvolved in world affairs to a large extent it is hard to be neutral if a major conflict breaks ou

5.2. MAIN

5.2.1. when leaders focus too much on MAIN, it destabilizes world peace

5.3. WW2

5.3.1. when too many countries attempt world domination it creates mass conflict

5.4. Early Cold war alliances

5.4.1. Conflict was created due to positive relation ships with capatilst countries and negative relationships with communist countries

5.5. ww1

5.5.1. Foreign relations= conflict

5.6. Early Cold War

5.7. Bay of Pigs

5.7.1. when you try to organize rebels to to the dirty work for you, the outcome is not as good as if you've done it yourself

5.8. Vietnam War

5.8.1. When Nixon was pressured to leave the war he quickly needed to find a way out without making America look bad. He had the plan called Vietnamization which meant that they would replace American troops with south Vietnamese troops so they could take on the north. This did not work and the south was quickly taken over.----- If America tries to replace its troops with another country's troops that it was protecting, they will quickly lose the war because if they needed America's help in the first place, they will not be able to finish it alone

5.9. Vietnam War

5.9.1. During the Vietnam war, the US had no clear objective as seen from hamburger hill where they took many lives to take it over and then abandoned it, they ended up making the war drag on for 10 years until it became unpopular and the troops were withdrawn. ----- If there is no clear objectives during war, minimal progress will be made and the war will last until one country is tired of it.

6. ***Media*** To what extent does the media influence people? To what extent does the media mirror or reflect society?

6.1. Advertisement

6.1.1. Advertisement was on the rise on the 1920s which made more people buy stuff and manufactures could sell things easier

6.2. News

6.2.1. bias in the news can cause fake news and we should be able to critique it and prevent fake news in the future

6.3. WW2

6.3.1. we learned thar creating persuading posters that showed bad could be fixed by better ones

6.4. Red Scare

6.4.1. The red scare caused a widespread fear through the tv to show everyone that thre is communism in America

6.5. Emmit Till

6.5.1. open casket let people see his face all over the news and became angry

6.6. Freedom Riders

6.6.1. Causes violence to gain media attention

6.7. Vietnam War

6.7.1. During the Vietnam war, the media was showing the people what was happening in Vietnam which caused the war to become unpopular after they heard of the atrocities that were going on and eventually caused a full withdraw from Vietnam. ----- When the media leaks negative information about a war, it will become unpopular with the people and the government will be pressured to withdraw from the war.

7. ***Technology*** How does technology impact society?

7.1. Radios

7.2. WW1

7.2.1. when there is a lot of new technology we will be ill prepared for the war

7.3. Sputnik

7.3.1. started the race to space and made the soviet union and the US be in a competition with each other the lesson learned is that you dont need to rush and its risky.

8. ***Civil Rights:*** To what extent have the oppressed in America been able to attain an equality of life?

8.1. WW2 Homefront

8.1.1. Japanese internment camps: violated bill of rights if you violate the constitution the supreme court will rule it unconstitutional and will be met with political backlash

8.2. WWII Homefront

8.2.1. women went into the workforce when the men left to go to war and their rights grew more people in the workforce will boost the economy

8.3. ww2 Homefront

8.3.1. African americans proved that they could fight in war and at home to get their rights if a group of people have less rights they will fight to get them

8.4. CR Movement

8.4.1. If a group of people is oppressed too much for too long they will eventually take a stand either violent or nonviolent and fight for their rights

8.5. CR movement

8.5.1. African Americans learned that by gaining publicity, support from the government and Americans, they were able to receive bills that were passed ti congress providing the right to vote