The Ghastly Resort Project

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The Ghastly Resort Project by Mind Map: The Ghastly Resort Project

1. 1. The hotel seems made of plastic. It features shiny, new, bright, loud colors and wildly patterned wallpaper.

1.1. A bright and colorful atmosphere that appeals to all your senses.

1.2. (M) The Love Shack takes on a new approach to designing by adding popular colors and patterns to their architecturally modern building.

1.2.1. (M) The hotel is three stories high but looks slightly taller due to the design of adding large windows in the front. The color outside is and off-white or beige color but the inside is very vibrant with almost contrasting colors. Behind the hotel is a large pool area that leads off into the ocean.

1.2.2. (M) Although the hotel is taking a colorful and modern route, they also try to include a tropical and Caribbean atmosphere by adding 'tiki' themed objects and furniture.

1.3. This is the first introduced feature.

2. 4. The hotel band, a group of local kids playing on garbage can lids and harmonicas, seems to know only three songs.

2.1. The Jonas Brothers

2.2. (M) Listen to the hotel's very own band "Trash Kids" and their three top hits!

2.2.1. (M) Video Idea: Several shots of the "band" playing. Will have to look up replacements for the drum set in the game.

3. The island is run by a dictator whose soldiers are everywhere. You saw three of them savagely beat a ragged child who tried to steal a loaf of bread.

3.1. Justin Bieber = ragged child

3.2. (M) Enjoy a child free vacation! Isla de Infierno has a no tolerance for children. So now you can relax without those pesky kids bothering anyone.

3.2.1. (M) Video Idea: "Child" (was to be comically Justin Bieber but I feel that may be pushing it) being beaten by soldiers. Then show child having his picture taken in jail with 'No Tolerance' flashing on the screen.

4. 6. The one town on the island is really a small village full of battered shacks with outdoor plumbing facilities.

4.1. Get to know the locals

4.2. (M) Experience the different culture of the natives by traveling to the nearby village of Simonia.

4.3. This is the sixth introduced feature.

5. 7. The beach consists of a small amount of imported sand spread over the local mud.

5.1. Experience a relaxing mud bath in the local mud.

5.2. (M) Dig your feet in the island's native, white sand (imported from various locations) before taking a soothing mud bath, using only sacred mud gathered by the Simlish Tribe in the mountains.

5.2.1. (M) Video Idea: Some shots of the shoreline that has white sand and mud mixed into it. This is followed by scenes of a spa (massage, heated bath, etc.) before showing a tribal member go into a store to by the 'sacred' mud.

5.3. This is the third introduced feature.

6. 8. A swimmer at the beach was recently attacked and badly wounded by a barracuda.

6.1. Get up close and personal with the local wildlife!

6.2. (M) Come within inches of the exotic local wildlife!

6.2.1. (M) Video Idea: Some shots of the large tank aquarium (eel, starfish, puffer fish, etc.). Need to look into this further.

6.3. This is the fifth introduced feature.

7. 12. The food in the hotel is highly flavored with some mysterious local herb that lingers on your taste buds for days. the most frequently featured dish is the local specialty: squid.

7.1. Experience the local cuisine with all it's natural flavors.

7.2. (M) One has not experienced Isla de Infierno without trying the local cuisine. All meals are prepared by special herbs that only grow in the mountains. It will leave a delicious, lasting taste that will leave you begging for more! Do not forget to try the island's specialty: squid.

7.2.1. (M) Video Idea: The restaurant will be outside by the pool and at night. It will have all tourists sitting and eating. Some close-ups on cooking and dishes.

8. 2. The rooms are very small, the walls are thin, and music from the hotel bar can be heard all night long.

8.1. (M) Select from a variety of our snug and cozy suites and enjoy relaxing music from the bar.

8.1.1. (M) Video Idea: Several still shots of different rooms (all small and tacky in appearance) during the daylight. By night, focus on one room with a bed by the window. Have flashing lights and party music playing while sim is trying to sleep.

8.2. This is the second introduced feature.

9. (M) Presentation of the project will be in the form of a commercial video. This will be done by recording from the game The Sims 2 and adding voice-overs, sound effects, visual effects, etc.. The video is designed to be funny and entertaining.

9.1. Dexter

9.1.1. Typing up the script

9.2. Harley

9.2.1. Creating and posting the mind map

9.3. Megan

9.3.1. Creating the video for presentation

10. (M) Hotel Info:

10.1. Name of the hotel: The Love Shack

10.2. Location of the hotel: Isla de Infierno

11. 11. The hotel owns one large motor launch. Every few days, when the launch is in good repair, it takes a crowded group of tourists to a small sand bar where they look for shells but mostly find cans and bottles left by other tourists.

11.1. (M) Go green! Join your fellow tourists on a journey to a sand bar to help conserve the beauty of Isla de Infierno. If you are lucky, you may even find shells or other beauties!

11.1.1. (M) Video Idea: Show the shoreline once more with seaweed, driftwood, and garbage. Sims are digging for shells. One finds a shell (or nothing) while the other gets pinched by a crab.

11.2. This is the fourth introduced feature.