Implementation of Predictive Analytics

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Implementation of Predictive Analytics by Mind Map: Implementation of Predictive Analytics

1. Data

1.1. Where can data sets be found?

1.1.1. By the use of data mining, machine learning

1.1.2. student historical data (grades)

1.1.3. Can be obtained from MOOC's

1.2. Data Analytics is built on statistics, it is used to discover useful trends or patterns in student data to be used by educators to provide better student outcome

2. Analytics

2.1. Predictive modeling

2.1.1. What is it? Using data to predict information/outcomes regarding student data ex. final grade in course

2.1.2. How to gather data? Data is based off of a trend of student/leaner information ex. grades, student progress Uses machine learning, data mining

2.1.3. What is it used for? To predict data for student outcome in hopes to alter student final outcome for a more desirable outcome

3. Interventions

3.1. Intervenes in student learning

3.2. If a student is near failing this method could be used to intervene in what the student is learning or how they are going about learning new information to implement new strategies

4. Impact on learners

4.1. The use of predictive analysis allows educators to use student patterns to help better the student in the end

4.2. The method is used in the middle of the learning process so it could be used to turn around a students progress in a course for the better

5. Organizational culture - predictive learning analytics - intervention - student success