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USER FLOW FOR EYA.COM (Reccomended) by Mind Map: USER FLOW FOR EYA.COM (Reccomended)

1. Homepage

1.1. Why EYA

1.1.1. Meet the Neighbors Contact Sales Talk to An Expert Live Chat

1.2. Explore [Neighborhood]

1.2.1. Download [Neighborhood] eGuide Contact Sales Talk to an Expert Live Chat

1.3. Find Your Perfect Neighborhood

1.3.1. Neighborhood Quiz

1.4. Talk to an Expert

1.4.1. Live Chat

1.5. Contact Sales

2. The EYA Difference

2.1. Meet the Neighbors

2.1.1. Contact Sales

2.1.2. Talk to An Expert Live Chat

2.2. EYA Foundation

2.2.1. Grant Application

2.3. Contact Sales

3. Homeowner Resources

4. Blog

4.1. Subscribe

5. Contact Us

5.1. Contact Us

6. Explore Our Neighborhoods

6.1. Download [Neighborhood] eGuide

6.1.1. Interior Design Style Quiz

6.2. Move-In-Ready Homes

6.2.1. Contact Sales

6.3. [Neighborhood] Video Library

6.3.1. Download [Neighborhood] eGuide