Health Information Technololgy

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Health Information Technololgy by Mind Map: Health Information Technololgy

1. Mobile Health (mHealth)

1.1. medical / public health practices supported by mobile devices, i.e. (smart phones, tablets, wearables). Providers can use mHealth technologies for orders, documentation, and/or outreach.

2. Patient Portals

2.1. Secure, online websites that allow 24-hr access to personal health information from anywhere with an internet connection.

3. Scheduling

3.1. Online access to making patient apppintments, diagnostic procedures, and/or operations.

4. Medical Billing

4.1. Includes current billing codes (ICD-10) for services rendered.

4.2. Allows patients to view and pay bills

4.3. Third party providers can run coverage claims based on patient specific ICD-10 codes.

4.4. Third party providers can run coverage claims based on specific ICD-10 codes.

5. E-Perscribing

5.1. Allows healthcare providers to send patient perscrptions to designated pharmacies via online portals.

6. Electronic Health Records (EHR)

6.1. Allows providers to electronically access patient histories, diagnostics, treatements, medications, allergies, and/or imagining.

6.2. EHR are able to be shared among other providers for optimal patient care.

7. Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

7.1. The digitalization of medical charting, patient histories, laboratory results, and treatment methods.

7.2. EMR can only be viewed within one office or facility.

8. Telehealth

8.1. Where patients can access a medical provider remotely by phone or through an online video service.

8.2. Where patients can access a medical provider remotely.

9. Imaging Systems

9.1. X-rays, MRI Scans, CT scan Imaging

10. Community Outreach

10.1. Community education, health, and wellness promotion

10.2. Social media management

11. Personal Health Records

11.1. An electronic application where patients can securely maintain and manage their private health information.

12. Health Information Exchange

12.1. Clinical trial research

12.2. How to send vital information such as cancer, organ donor, disease transmission registries.