Mobility (PUTRA, Vedro)

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Mobility (PUTRA, Vedro) by Mind Map: Mobility (PUTRA, Vedro)

1. What is mobility?

1.1. The ability to move or be moved freely and easily.

2. Geography (Geographical Impacts)

2.1. Mobility is used to measure physical geography

2.1.1. The Use of Drones in Human and Physical Geography Possibility to have a more accurate information on measurement of location. Maps may be modified due to this.

2.2. "Shrinking" the physical distance between man and food

2.2.1. UberEats Is Going To Start Delivering Fast Food By Drone Possible expansion of delivery and transportation: Transportation of people, free of traffic and cars

2.3. Passenger drones and flying cars: A faster, cleaner, cheaper and safer way to travel. A more integrated transportation system.

2.3.1. Elevating the future of mobility Possibility of reducing carbon footprint, lower cost of transportation

3. Biology (Biological Impacts)

3.1. Detection of biological weapons / dangers in the air, in the society

3.1.1. Teaching Drones to Sniff Out Toxic Air Possibility of advancing to meteorology. More advanced Weather forecasts, checking of seismic activities...

3.2. Distribution of medical supplies to rural areas

3.2.1. A third African country has launched a drone to distribute medical supplies to remote areas - Face2Face Africa Possibility of increasing the range of distribution and the contents of distribution, so that everyone can have access to medical and food supplies.

4. Cinematography (Cinematographical Impacts)

4.1. Providing aerial views of an event (more angles to watch an event)

4.1.1. Drone Use in the Entertainment Industry and Beyond | The Bottom Line A possible innovation of future concerts which involves in more angles, so that views would receive the maximum effect of the concert.

4.2. New ways of shooting a film, with new angles and creativity

4.2.1. HBO focuses on latest cinema drones More creative ways to shoot a film to keep the film interesting. Also, an increase in safety for filming in tall heights.

5. Arts/Design (Artistic Impacts)

5.1. The introduction of a new form of art.

5.1.1. Drones invade arts, performance, and hearts Possibility of the expansion of the domain of arts: job creation, expansion of the industry, redefining 'arts'...

5.2. Redesigning the beauty of nature.

5.2.1. Photographer takes out of this world pics using drones to create mountain halos Adding the attractiveness of nature, attracting more people to visit and watch these technology displays with nature

5.3. Redefining the meaning of photography.

5.3.1. 2018 drone photography awards: 7 winners and 8 other incredible shots from the contest Increasing the awareness and appreciation towards photography and nature.

6. History (Historical Impacts)

6.1. Creating more accurate and precise recordings of history.

6.1.1. Hurricane Michael devastation in Panama City, Florida seen in drone video, photos Better and more accurate documentation on history, so that the people of the future would have clearer ideas on what happened in the past: instead of listening to just stories

6.2. Reshaping / Adding more information to old history.

6.2.1. Sydney Harbour’s secret WWII tunnel is not so secret anymore Unlocking more mysteries of the world, giving more info for better accuracy in history books

7. Psychology (Psychological Impacts

7.1. Providing safety and assurance to people.

7.1.1. Corpus Christi Fire Department using drones help with security and safety for our community Making the world a safer and better place to live in, where drones survey more places so that we feel secure in the country

7.2. Promotes curiosity and learning. Also, promotes positive attitudes to people such as happiness and fun.

7.2.1. Learning outside the classroom Equipping students with the relevant knowledge and competency for the future, allowing them to think outside the box, making more inventions related to mobility in the future

8. Evolution of Mobility

8.1. Horse Carriage

8.2. Bicycles

8.3. Motorbikes, Cars, boats and ships

8.4. Airplanes and Helicopters

8.5. Possible of new transport using drones

9. Drones and Mobility

9.1. Able to fly in small, restricted areas, a compact flying machine

9.1.1. Exploration

9.1.2. Medical Functions (Super Mini Drones)

9.1.3. Rescue Mission

9.1.4. Geographical Impacts (World becomes smaller)

9.1.5. Police Surveillance

9.1.6. New methods of Cinematography

9.1.7. Redefining arts (drawing with a drone on high walls)

9.1.8. Evolution of the transport System

9.1.9. Fulfilling Aspirations of flying on humans

10. Archeology (Impacts)

10.1. Discoveries of new artefacts.

10.1.1. Archaeologists Used Drones to Find New Ancient Drawings in Peru Future: Providing more evidence and accuracy to history, solving mysteries, debunking myths...

10.2. Discoveries of lost cities.

10.2.1. Secrets of a lost village of ancient Israel come to light Future: Providing more factual information on the history of the country so that the world gains more knowledge and understanding....

11. Culture (Cultural Impacts)

11.1. Being in touch with new uncontactable cultures / community

11.1.1. Drones spy on ‘uncontacted’ tribes in the Amazon • Integrating lost/isolated civilisations into the society, better understanding of new cultures

11.2. Promoting cross-cultural cohesiveness by bringing people together

11.2.1. China Launches Three Days of Top-Level Drone Competition | World Air Sports Federation More cooperations and collaborations in the future among countries and people, increasing the cohesiveness between countries, an increase in the exchange of cultures and friendships