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cOS Connect map by Mind Map: cOS Connect map

1. Member profile

1.1. Profile information

1.1.1. basics first name last name middle name email phone social media details Primary location Secondary location

1.1.2. member projects pervious projects current projects

1.1.3. trust level defined by work experience comment upvote / downvote by other members referrals by other members participation in community participation in successful projects consistency / delivery

1.1.4. expertise skills certifications work experience referrals publications comment upvote / downvote by other members on defined expertise areas

1.1.5. availability as expert refer to company level not available available as individual

1.1.6. type (theDesk system classification ) theDesk member neighbor remote public figure

1.1.7. relations company past companies / employer helps defining relevancy of match from past companies professional relations / network degree of separation with other members with neighbors with other companies followers

1.1.8. participation in other members projects current past

1.1.9. Interests community channels followed member followed list of interests project types in which the user participated projects / project types the member favorited / liked / follows

1.1.10. System generated profile based on NLP analysis on comments sentiment analysis keyphrases extraction ethical usage of community messaging (no profanity, etc) based on member activity number of visit to the site number of participation to projects / comments / etc.

1.1.11. Community team curated profile notes on member member rating by community team more elements TBD

1.1.12. membership type geographical scope Global member Local member Access / participation scope Viewer Expert Project owner Inclusive member non-member limited visibility

1.1.13. Language spoken primary secondary

1.1.14. member benefits benefit identification

2. App sections / modules

2.1. Dashboards

2.1.1. my projects project published by the user link to open project / edit project popularity indication related messages share button

2.1.2. trending projects project highlighted by popularity community team sponsor relevance to user interest

2.1.3. project that may interest you

2.2. my profile

2.3. Invoices

2.4. Events

2.5. Community

2.6. Booking

2.7. Projects

3. User types

3.1. Members

3.1.1. access community local worldwide?

3.1.2. member profile

3.2. Non-members

3.2.1. access

3.3. Admins

3.4. Community team user

4. Methodologies

4.1. Member query matching

4.1.1. Matching areas expertise parameters workshops parameters events parameters media parameters

4.1.2. matching algorithm basics 1 - each parameters are weighted 2 - parameters score is defined between query and matching areas 3 - System sorts matches for each matching areas and present results for top matches

4.2. Member to member matching

4.2.1. affinity matching Matching areas Expertise type location Interests

5. Development iterations

5.1. v1 (MVP)

5.1.1. Member Directory Profile page User listing User search

5.1.2. Matching algorithms project matching with experts member matching search algorithm

5.1.3. Project definition and publishing project setup projects view Comment function

5.1.4. Social interaction board Comment function Likes function upvote / downvote? Post function

5.1.5. Event directory list of events add an event admins only edit an event admins only search events

5.1.6. User access control admin only user management user groups management

5.1.7. User onboarding function "Join our community" page email system to confirm membership

5.1.8. Admin functions Admin dashboard

5.1.9. Member dashboard links to features messages my post inbox favorite projects my projects

5.2. v1.1

5.2.1. "Meet the experts offline" function

6. Community building

6.1. Growth tactics and tools

6.1.1. help from community team Fill in profile of members

6.1.2. incentive to become member discount on fees free events pay them to enter their data

6.1.3. ask members to invite friends

6.1.4. keep score of top recruiters rewards top recruiters

6.1.5. give members something for their friends give discount to all friends of members when joining the community

6.1.6. Interviews friends will read and may join

6.1.7. talk about target demographics

6.1.8. publicise successful projects

6.1.9. Appoint recruiters find true believer in the community and ask them to recruit

6.1.10. exclusive membership maintain quality by not accepting everyone

6.1.11. Create unique areas within your community for the people you want to join divisions specility area have speciality managers

6.1.12. Create a "getting started" section to make onboarding easy

6.1.13. community reports

6.1.14. communicate events and target potential members

6.1.15. Involves investor in the promotion of the cmmunity

6.1.16. Provide access to answer to some questions commonly asked in the community (example: article on how to setup your business in Hong Kong and how to facilitate the process)

6.1.17. #inclusive #community tweet it and others

6.1.18. make member proud to be part of the community Give every member a badge

6.1.19. Cater to your competitors welcome members from other co-working space

7. User journeys

7.1. theDesk Website

7.1.1. login member area all users member dashboard my projects (member's projects) community booking my account event and workshop Find something... admins user management comments moderation access to all community features community team community dashboard member management event management project moderation

7.1.2. become a member membership approval process

7.2. V1