PRO Member Q&A 2 Oct 2018

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PRO Member Q&A 2 Oct 2018 by Mind Map: PRO Member Q&A 2 Oct 2018

1. Introduction

1.1. This Webinar

1.1.1. Purpose PRO overview for new members Update on projects/progress Look ahead...

1.1.2. Outcome Get more from PRO membership Get involved in projects you like!

1.1.3. Structure PRO Overview Projects & Progress Coming Soon Q&A

1.1.4. Timing Aiming for quarterly Today 20-30 mins present Time for questions

1.2. PRO Features

1.2.1. Headlines Webinars Live On-Demand Tutorials Software-Specific Topic-specific Special Offers

1.2.2. Less known... Extended Profiles About me... Links... Facebook Group Image library Biggerplate Rewards Earn $ Referral Program Community Tutorials (NEW)

2. Questions/Feedback?

2.1. Can members add PDFs?

2.1.1. Not at the moment

2.1.2. In future PRO Members Add PDF with Mind Map

2.2. Search for webinars/tutorials?

2.2.1. Not yet

2.2.2. Future Tag Titles

2.3. Adding other people's maps to collection?

2.3.1. Yes

2.3.2. Community curation

2.4. Competition around training/certifications?

3. Projects & Progress

3.1. Hedgehog 2020

3.1.1. Biggerplate: 10 years old (Jan 2018)

3.1.2. Hedgehog Concept Jim Collins: Good to Great Hedgehog vs Fox Fox: Knows many things Hedgehog: Knows one simple thing Simple unifying concept What to do What not to do 3 Circles Passion Economic Driver Best in the world

3.1.3. Since 2011 Best source of mind mapping content. learning, and community in the world. July 2018 Review "Content" "Learning" "Community"

3.1.4. Hedgehog 2020 Passion Practical use of mind mapping tools and techniques Economic Driver Profit/New Member Best in the world Best online source of mind map templates, tutorials, and training in the world. 3 Ts

3.2. Business Club to PRO

3.2.1. Business Club Launched Nov 2016 Concept Proven Webinars + Tutorials = Upgrades But Limited by 'Business' Complexity in marketing Growing EDU community

3.2.2. PRO Simplicity Basic vs PRO Familiar web term Expands remit Education Healthcare Government Other...! Learning across disciplines Ideas from everywhere Professionals across disciplines!

3.2.3. Great response so far! Member feedback Upgrade activity

3.3. Community Tutorials (Beta)

3.3.1. Why? Showcase Community knowledge Loads of great YouTube videos Buried in the mass of YouTube...!

3.3.2. Example:

3.3.3. How to add? Copy YouTube link Paste in 'My Account'

3.3.4. What to share? Tutorial videos Walkthrough/explainers Presentations Software Reviews

3.3.5. Coming soon Community Tutorials page Showcasing... New videos Best videos Video controls Edit details Show related/more Tagging (like maps)

4. Coming Soon

4.1. Map Previews

4.1.1. Problems Some poor quality Different file types Different image sizes One size not fitting all...! View contents before downloading Lack of interactivity

4.1.2. Solutions Improve basic sizing Better use of PDF Custom previews (PRO)

4.2. Map Collections (PRO)

4.2.1. PRO Feature

4.2.2. Curate map collections Think Spotify/YouTube playlists Collections of... Your own maps Maps from the library Maps on specific topics "Mind Maps for Healthcare Professionals" "Mind Maps for Learning Spanish..." "MindMeister maps for teachers"

4.3. Mind Map Trainers/Consultants...

4.3.1. Working on something for you...

4.3.2. Problems Visibility Lots of small businesses But Quality Who are the real experts? What testing/control? How to differentiate?

4.3.3. Solutions Practical promotional help Independent quality indicator

4.3.4. The plan Quick wins Trainer Spotlight Community Tutorials Next step: Bigger project Initial research: Oct-Dec MVP: Jan-Mar Interested? Get in touch

4.4. Future PRO ideas...

4.4.1. Notate Maps? Leave notes for self Visible only to you Saved within acc

4.4.2. Private sharing? Not secure But hidden from site Need specific URL to view