Sales Process

Cash4SaHomes Sales Process.

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Sales Process by Mind Map: Sales Process

1. Planned Activities

1.1. Think Deals

1.1.1. What deals need follow up, what can I do right now to keep it moving forward

1.2. Think Sales

1.2.1. I am the best sales person. Not only say it but mean it; self image!

1.3. Think Value

1.3.1. I am full of resources, I offer value to those around me

1.4. Think Positive

1.4.1. That's good, and look for the good in it

1.5. Think Possible

1.5.1. I don't need easy, I just need possible; I will figure out the rest

1.6. Think Grateful

1.6.1. I am so happy and grateful Now that_________fill in the blank with what you want

2. Pre-Sales Checklist

2.1. Working your mind

2.1.1. Read Use your energy - whatever is bothering you is what you should be reading about, sponge it.

2.1.2. Listen Sandler selling system Sale or Be sold 973-743-4690

2.1.3. Mental Hack - Look at your goal card before you read

2.2. Working your body

2.2.1. Move, you need high levels of energy

2.2.2. Eat well, again for energy

2.2.3. Water, again for energy

2.3. Working your spirit

2.3.1. Read bible daily, could be a verse what's important is daily discipline

2.3.2. Be grateful, you are blessed!

2.3.3. Expect good things to happen to you because you are aligning yourself daily!

2.4. Become

2.4.1. Be!

3. LEAD Sources

3.1. Your Phone

3.1.1. They better know what you do

3.2. Realtors

3.2.1. They are commission only! Talk to that, its mostly what they care about.

3.3. FC Direct

3.3.1. Daily Habit of calling and texting

3.3.2. No answers, place them on the map to door knock

3.4. VA Leads

3.4.1. Be on the lookout, as soon as they come in take action

4. Phone Sales

4.1. No fear, don't get your needs met here

4.2. Attitude: You are financially independent and you don't need the business.

4.3. Whenever possible, Call don't text

4.3.1. Flight Number

4.3.2. Confirmation number

5. In Person Sales

5.1. Easy, expect a yes

5.2. You should be closing 80% of in person appt. Otherwise, why did you show up

5.3. When you come from being, its natural. Should not be feeling anxious, fearful or uncomfortable.

5.3.1. Flight Number

5.3.2. Confirmation number