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How our house buying operation works

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Sa Property Solutions by Mind Map: Sa Property Solutions

1. Calling

1.1. Dialer

1.1.1. Land Lines from Sherpa Skip Trace

1.2. 80/20

1.3. Hubstaff

1.3.1. Clock in Tool

1.4. Manager

1.4.1. Person Admin Loads Data in Dialer Records # of daily calls Number of Leads pushed to Podio Costs Quality Control: Listen to calls

1.4.2. Person Calling VA

1.4.3. Expectations Manage/Train Person Calling Goal: 5 Leads a day Daily Appointment Be a closer: Know tonality Know how to use HelloSign Know how much to Offer

2. Texting

2.1. Lead Sherpa

2.2. 80/20

2.3. Manager

2.3.1. Person Texting Texting during normal Biz Hours Goal: Push Leads to Podio

2.3.2. Person Calling Follow Script

2.3.3. Person Admin Recording how much the system use cost Recording how much skip tracing cost Recording payroll/Bonuses Recording Number of Messages Out Recording Number of Responses Number of Leads Number of Pushed Leads Number of Offers on those Leads Number of appointments Number of Contracts Contract size amount Quality Control on Calls/texts Follow Up

2.3.4. Expectations 5 Pushed Leads a Day from your Person Texting One appointment day Everyone gets an offer and follow up This will not only plant your flag, but will give you a reason to follow up later – “Just following up on that offer I sent you…” 5 Appointments = Contract Report on KPIs every Monday

3. Sales Manager

3.1. Wholesale

3.1.1. Use texting Tool

3.1.2. Use email Tool

3.1.3. Continually Build it Have a list of Buyer Orders, What are they looking for, What are they buying? Build your list of wholesalers, investors, contractors, realtors, property managers, etxSend them weekly emails of what you're looking forYOU are the buyer! Start thinking about packaging deals for your buyers

3.1.4. Call them I see you're currently advertising a property on 123 Main St.You wouldn't be looking for another property in that area, would you? I might have one that I would like to sell.Do you know anyone else who is looking They have moneyAre they ready to buy TODAYHow are they planning on buying? for more properties?(If they're a Realtor / Property Manager) "Can I send you my contact information? If you bring me a buyer, you can add whatever commission you want."

3.1.5. Bandit Signs Example 1 Example 2 Use this App Your Street Team, Supercharged - SimpleCrew

3.2. WholeTail

3.2.1. Find the money Hard Money Lenders Find the HML's that are actively lending money on dealsAsk them to email the deal to their listOffer to pay the 25% of the wholesaling fee if they bring a buyerBig Bonus with HML's: If they are willing to lend on deals...

3.2.2. Get Insurance

3.2.3. Get it closed

3.3. Self Flip

3.3.1. Deal with Loan Officers

3.3.2. Deal with Buyer

3.3.3. Attention to Detail Imperative

4. Door Knocks

4.1. Process to Knock

4.1.1. House Vacant: Noted in Order

4.1.2. House Vacant: Place Yard Sign

4.1.3. Have Flyers

4.1.4. Be presentable

4.1.5. Know your numbers, Don't get discourage

4.1.6. BE FIRST

4.2. Orders through Hubstaff

4.3. Manager

4.3.1. 2 Knockers

4.3.2. 1 VA Admin

5. 1x $$ Out Per Channel = 5x $$ Coming In

5.1. Driving for Dollars Virtually

5.2. Houston Partner

5.3. 80/20 Partner

5.4. Action Criteria

5.4.1. Simple

5.4.2. Repeatable

5.4.3. Delegate

5.5. Local Partners i.e. Baker

5.6. Need to use email addresses

5.7. Monday Meetings

5.7.1. Go Over Numbers Per Channel

5.8. Bookepper

5.8.1. On-going Tally $$ in and out

5.8.2. Payroll

5.8.3. General Expenses

5.9. Identify Problems and Solve them

5.9.1. Pay for Coaching

5.9.2. Hang out with People Smarter than us

5.9.3. Be brutally Honest, I know it hurts but its necessary.



5.10.2. Cash on Hand?

5.10.3. What's going to happen if we continue like this for the next 3 months?

5.10.4. Create some event-based milestones that will trigger strategic decisions "If revenue drops to X, then our expenses then our expenses have to drop to Y These scenarios become your decision makers This will remove your emotions and your biases Emotional / reactive decisions will kill us

5.10.5. Sub 2 Coming Need $$ Secured

5.11. Good Read

5.11.1. The Impact of Coronavirus on Real Estate MarketsClose ThinMenuVideo Control PlayClose ThinUserExternal LinkSearch NovaUserArrowArrowRotatebtn_google_dark_normal_iosbtn_google_dark_normal_iosAppleAndroid