Biography of Kirsten Rodriguez

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Biography of Kirsten Rodriguez by Mind Map: Biography of   Kirsten Rodriguez

1. Childhood

1.1. Parents separated, so she was raised predominately by her father.

1.2. Father remarried when Kirsten was 4, and became a blended family with now an older sister named Kristin.

1.3. Kirsten loved playing outdoors and animals, and wanted to be a veterinarian.

2. Important Dates

2.1. Born May 2, 1982

2.1.1. Graduated High School in 2000

2.2. Graduated High School June 14, 2000

2.3. Joined the United States Coast Guard on November 14, 2005

2.4. Deployed Overseas for Operation New Dawn 2011-2012

2.5. Married on November 23, 2014

2.6. Graduated with an AAS in April 2015

2.7. Gave birth to first child on July 31, 2015

2.8. Gave birth to second child on March 14, 2017

3. Education

3.1. Studied Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Commonwealth University 2000-2002

3.2. Studied International Business at Old Dominion University from 2003-2007

3.3. Studied Business at Excelsior College and obtained an AAS in April 2015

3.4. Accepted into UCF's Technical Education and Industry Training Program July 2018

3.5. Created a classroom website in September 2018 which can be viewed here: Home