careers and leadership at Edith Cowan University (ECU)

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careers and leadership at Edith Cowan University (ECU) by Mind Map: careers and leadership at Edith Cowan University (ECU)

1. Career planning at ECU

1.1. Career hub software

1.1.1. Job board

1.1.2. Links and resources

1.1.3. Selection criteria advice

1.1.4. Interview skills

1.1.5. Networking skills

1.1.6. Resume writting

1.2. One-on-one career advisor

1.2.1. Provides students with individual help and advice

1.3. Awareness

1.4. Building on self awareness

1.5. Self marketing

1.6. Apply for vacation programs

1.7. Mentoring

1.8. Accessing the hidden job market

1.9. Preparing application

1.10. Networking skills

2. Volunteering at ECU

2.1. Builds networks

2.2. Exciting challenges

2.3. Meeting people

2.4. Confidentially stepping out into the workforce

2.5. To become a volunteer email [email protected]

3. Mentoring at ECU

3.1. Peer mentoring program is open to all first year undergraduates

3.2. Benefits to mentee's

3.2.1. Reduces stress and anxiety

3.2.2. Assisted with queries

3.3. Benefits to mentors

3.3.1. Increased self confidence

3.3.2. Development of leadership and problem solving skills

3.3.3. Improved interpersonal and communication skills

3.4. Mutually beneficial for mentors and mentee's

3.5. To become a mentor email [email protected]