How can we prevent and minimise the effects of bush fires?

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How can we prevent and minimise the effects of bush fires? by Mind Map: How can we prevent and minimise the effects of bush fires?

1. Guiding Questions

1.1. What starts bushfires?

1.2. What do I put in a bushfire survival kit?

1.3. What are some preventative measures for bush fires?

1.4. How can we limit the impact of a bushfire?

2. Prior Knowledge

2.1. Black Saturday bush fires: the most devastating bush fire event recorded in Australian history. Occurring in Victoria on the 7th February 2009. This day was the worst bush fire conditions ever reported causing the highest loss of life in a bush fire and destroyed whole towns.

2.2. weather conditions that cause bush fires: Extreme heat, high winds, low humidity, lighting strikes and severe drought.

2.3. Human actions that cause bush fires: littering cigarette butts, camp fires left unattended, burn offs becoming to large to control, embers blown out of fires into dry grass, arsonists intentionally starting fires.

2.4. Bush fire safety: if caught in a bush fire stay in your car and cover yourself with tarp/wool blanket. If near a dam swim to the middle with blanket and cover yourself. leave early if home, evacuate to safety.

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