Who am I as a learner?

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Who am I as a learner? by Mind Map: Who am I as a learner?

1. Strengths

1.1. Intense Curosity

1.2. Hard worker

2. Learning Needs

2.1. Stop procrastination

2.2. To reach out to every new opportunity

2.3. knowing your own self better

2.4. keeping patience

3. Learning preferences

3.1. I prefer quite environment while learning

3.2. A preference of a flexible schedule

3.3. A moving position while learning

4. Personalities traits

4.1. Presistent

4.2. Inquisitive

4.3. Openness

5. Character traits

5.1. Determined

5.2. Self- Controlled

5.3. Confident

5.4. Courageous

6. Learning tips

6.1. Quite procrastination

6.2. Set up a schedule

6.3. Time is like Money, so don't waste it.

6.4. Concentrate/ keep the mind/brain active through out the whole day

7. Learning Modalities

7.1. Oral learner: Learning through talking to ones own self or either providing a oral speech to a 2nd or 3rd parties.

7.2. Visual learner: A learner who learns through seeing the materials/ information visually while prefer to visualise the connection between the ideas.

8. Ones Experiences desire in aid for to be successful

8.1. Experience failures

8.2. Seek out every opportunity even if its not a big opportunity.

8.3. Volunteer work/ community service

8.4. Getting involved into new things that haven't tried before