Caring for a special needs child

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Caring for a special needs child by Mind Map: Caring for a special needs child

1. Contact info

1.1. Email: [email protected] Phone number: 6023598816

1.1.1. Email/Gmail Phone Laptop

2. Home

2.1. Ideas and pictures of a guardian caring and attending a child

2.1.1. Google/ safari

3. Technology

3.1. Internet, weekly, laptop, phone, google, youtube


4. Pages

4.1. Home, contact info, menu, mind mister, reference sheet, about us

4.1.1. Google, internet, computers, Weebly, mind meister, Youtube

5. About me

5.1. I, Zaira Gonzalez will be majoring in special ed and in elementary. I once watched a special needs child and I found it quite interesting and amazed!

5.1.1. Interent and my laptop will be used, just to find more information on this.

6. Tips and caring for a special needs child!

7. Stories

7.1. I want to later add some real life stories and tips parents can provide to help others

7.1.1. Internet to get to stories of other real life people.