Full Stack Web Developer

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Full Stack Web Developer by Mind Map: Full Stack Web Developer

1. Volkswagen Technician

1.1. Volkswagen Master Technician Certification

1.2. Technical Problem Solving Skills

1.3. Customer Service Skills

1.4. Avoided a Buyback by Assisting Service Engineer

1.5. Repaired Difficult Electrical Problems

2. BMW Technician

2.1. BMW Level 1 Certification

2.2. Adapted to a New Technology within a year

2.3. Promoted to Diagnosis Team due to high technical skill

2.4. Acquired Electric Vehicle Certification

3. Hyundai Techline Agent

3.1. Improved Diagnosis of Vehicles due to German brand automotive background

3.2. First to pilot Remote diagnostic support

3.3. First to train other agents for Remote support program

3.4. Greatly improved Technical Problem solving skills and shortened phone calls

3.5. Mentored new agents and improved their Technical problem solving skills