7 functions of Marketing for Adidas

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7 functions of Marketing for Adidas by Mind Map: 7 functions of Marketing for Adidas

1. Product/service management- You are able to customize your own shoe how ever you like.

2. Distribution- customers receive there products by shipping when ordered online most products ordered are placed before certain times(1.00 pm E.S.T) Time on business days, except on holidays. gift cards are shipped via first class only.

3. Pricing- Up to 50% off all Adidas shoes and 20% off all pants/clothing.

4. Promotion- If you buy any product from Adidas online you get free shipping.

5. Marketing information Management- Two ways that the company gets customers data is by emailing them. Adidas uses social media to get customers information and those apps they use are, Facebook, Instagram. Questions I would ask are where you able to find the information you where looking for on our website? how did you hear about us? what did you like best about are website?

6. Selling- Adidas sells its products online, and in stores.

7. Financing- This is a stock market its financial providing through insurance, buying, and selling.