The 7 functions of marketing

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The 7 functions of marketing by Mind Map: The 7 functions of marketing

1. Adidas manufactures products in over 55 countries and has and has 800 independent factories Adidas is easily accesiable around the world. If you do not have an Adidas store near you , you can purchase their products online to be deliverd to you.

1.1. Distribution

2. Product service managment

2.1. Three products that Adidas sells is the Adidas superstar shoes, their ARKYN shoes and their SST track jacket. They changed their track jackets recently , there use to not be many colors to choose from there was black only now they offer pink , red , orange and etc and also the price on them has come down.

3. Marketing information managment

3.1. The sell a track suit jacket along with the track pants. Another product they sell is Adidas running shoes like the ultra boost shoes and the Adidas original. One of the products that has changed/been improved is the track jacket it use to only be available in black but now it comes in a variety of colors. The running shoes have also been changed because every year they are coming out with new styles, colors, and designs on them.

4. Finacning

4.1. If you are in a store you can pay in cash , debit and credit.If you are on an online adidas store yo can pay in credit and debit

5. Selling

5.1. Adidas sells their products in different stores like Champs etc. and online websites if you do not have a store nearby .

6. Promotion

6.1. A promotion Adidas has going on right now is if yo u enter your email into their website you get 15% off your purchase.Adidas also had an extra 30% of f some summer items.

7. Pricing

7.1. The three prices for the items in product service management. The track jacket is 74$ the Adidas Superstar shoes cost 80$ and the ARKYN shoes cost 130$ but are on sale for 65$.