7 Functions of The Dallas Cowboys

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7 Functions of The Dallas Cowboys by Mind Map: 7 Functions of The Dallas Cowboys

1. The price of these products really depend on what is being sold. If it is a coffee cup, maybe like ten dollars, but if

2. Product Service Management

2.1. Tickets

2.2. Jerseys

2.2.1. The Dallas Cowboys sell Tickets, Jerseys, and other accessories like coffee cups and hats. They have made changes to the jerseys. They have new jerseys this year so they made changes to make them look like this years new jerseys.

2.3. Accessories

3. Distribution

3.1. TV

3.2. Online

3.2.1. The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most well-known NFL football teams and a lot of people want to buy something that has their name on. Most of these products are sold online on their Pro Shop and or on the NFL Team Store. They also sell a lot of products at their home games.

3.3. During sport event

4. Marketing Information Management

4.1. Facebook

4.2. Twitter

4.2.1. The Dallas Cowboys can get feed back from any of their social media accounts. Many people these days used Twitter so they would use that social media page to gain customer information.

4.3. Pinterest

5. Finacing

5.1. Credit

5.2. Debit

5.3. Cash

5.3.1. The Dallas Cowboys can accepted any forms of payment while purchasing any idea in the stadium. They also accepted Credit and Debit while purchasing online

5.4. Apple Pay

6. Selling

6.1. Many NFL teams make there money on ticket sales, selling jerseys at the game, selling food and drinks, and selling products on their NFL Pro Shop on the internet.

7. Pricing

8. Promotion

8.1. Currently, the Dallas Cowboys have sales on last seasons shirts, hoodies and old Cowboys Uniforms. They also are selling two Dez Bryant jerseys for $88.