ADDIE MindMap For Gamification Lesson

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ADDIE MindMap For Gamification Lesson by Mind Map: ADDIE MindMap For Gamification Lesson

1. Analyze

1.1. Identify audience and audience specific lesson goals

1.1.1. Humanities Instructors Expert lesson designers but who have not implemented gamification design techniques in the past

1.2. Determine Lesson Goal

1.2.1. Convert existing lesson from conventional to gamified version for consideration and assessment as an optional mode of lesson design

2. Design

2.1. Move from goals to outcomes

2.1.1. Identify current approaches to lesson design based on learning theory models (i.e., are you a behaviorist, a cognitivist, a constructivist, a hybrid?)

2.1.2. Define Gamification

2.1.3. Identify core characteristics of gamification

2.2. Create Topics

2.2.1. Learning Theories

2.2.2. Conventional Lesson Design

2.2.3. Gamified Lesson Design

2.3. Create Lesson Plan

2.3.1. What learning theories drive you existing lesson design approach?

2.3.2. How does gamification fit into existing learning theories?

2.3.3. What does a gamified lesson plan look like (models)?

3. Evaluate

3.1. Assess learner response to lesson

3.1.1. Did particiapnts react positively?

3.1.2. Did participants learn the skills taught in the program

3.1.3. Did participants' behavior on the job change as a result of the program Did the change in behavior affect the organization positively?

3.2. Methodology

3.2.1. Follow-up survey with participants

3.2.2. Plan for those who will implement their gamified lesson to survey students about reception of the lesson

4. Develop

4.1. Draft materials

4.1.1. Learning theories overview

4.1.2. Gamification overview and activity

4.1.3. Gamification model

4.2. Dry-run

4.2.1. Work through draft materials in lesson format

4.2.2. Revise and refine accordingly

4.3. Produce revised/refined materials

4.3.1. Formatted for developers use and for other potential instructors who may need to implement

5. Implement

5.1. Deliver training

5.1.1. Audience: small group of humanities instructors with an existing lesson they are considering revising

5.1.2. Follow-up: Gamification workshop meant to inspire audience to design a simple gamified lesson and implement in a future class and for future assessment of viability as a lesson design approach.