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experience by Mind Map: experience

1. food

1.1. restaurant

1.1.1. dine out on a daily basic

1.1.2. prepare home-cooked meal

1.1.3. casual dining type od restaurant

1.1.4. to fancy to dress up

1.1.5. show off my wealth

1.1.6. posh restaurant

1.1.7. set me back quite a lot of money

1.1.8. casual style dining

1.1.9. offer moderately priced dishes

1.1.10. people with average salary

1.1.11. posh places to flaunt their values and attract their parners

1.1.12. scrumptious meals with no wash-up

1.1.13. wind down

1.1.14. free from all kind of house chores

1.2. cooking

1.2.1. learn a cookery cless

1.2.2. all kind of cooking amenities

1.2.3. burnt to a crisp

1.2.4. not a great cook

1.2.5. do the vast majority of cooking

1.2.6. share the responsibilities

1.2.7. a piecec of cake

1.2.8. high quality cookbook

1.2.9. feel overloaded

1.2.10. your beloved family members

1.3. meal

1.3.1. a hot pot meal

1.3.2. hot pot

1.3.3. an appetizing/delicious/nourishing/tasty/ wholesome/subtantial

1.3.4. wolf down

1.3.5. sink one's teeth into eat a large amount of food very quickly

1.3.6. sonething about it

1.3.7. burn to a crisp

1.4. foods

1.4.1. season

1.4.2. fertilized duck egg

1.4.3. a mix of vegetables and meat ingredients

1.4.4. mild=vị nhẹ

1.4.5. sugary

1.4.6. savoury=đậm đà (món mặn)

1.4.7. out to lunch

2. education

2.1. classes

2.1.1. skip classes

2.1.2. take for credits

2.1.3. come easy to me=find it effortness to do sth

2.1.4. find it difficult to

2.1.5. nice to know

2.1.6. swot up on=cram for knowledge nhồi nhét

2.2. english

2.2.1. native tougue

2.2.2. dialect a regional dialect

2.2.3. verbal communication

2.2.4. converse with sb=have a convarsation with sb

2.2.5. all greek

2.2.6. started from scratch=from the beginning

2.2.7. years of delicated study

2.2.8. my study period

2.2.9. i find it quite tough

2.2.10. imitate the native accent

2.2.11. grips the pronunciation techniques

2.2.12. the foremost important thing

2.2.13. stay motivated

2.2.14. feel very discouraged

2.2.15. we humans

2.2.16. it takes years to become skilled at one language

2.2.17. taxing=difficult

2.2.18. clear benefits

2.3. school

2.3.1. graduate from (V)

2.3.2. graduate (N) of school

2.3.3. wrest with questions/assignments=struggle

2.3.4. hands-on experience=practical

2.3.5. academic knowledge

2.3.6. obtain/acquire knowledge

2.3.7. studious child

2.3.8. well-mannered/behaved/bad-manner

2.3.9. for gifted student

2.3.10. in the vicinity of my house

2.3.11. the diverse culture here

2.3.12. came here from all walks of life

2.3.13. apeal to me

2.3.14. first and foremost important

2.3.15. re-direct me to become a educated kid

2.3.16. trigger feelings within listeners

2.3.17. pieces of music

2.3.18. inside your heart

2.3.19. get punished

2.3.20. harsh punishments deters school-aged children's cognitive developement

3. wedding

3.1. dressed to the nines

3.2. witness my sister and brother's wedding

3.3. a collection of bride and groom's friends

3.4. witness their marriage ceremony

3.5. is given away by her dad

3.6. make vows

3.7. to love and to cherish each other

3.8. the death tears them apart

3.9. one of the best outfits

3.10. take place in some fancy idoor places

3.11. call for more formal dress codes

3.12. if in outdoor locations => more on the casual side

3.13. an imimate wedding

3.14. immidiate families

3.15. close friends and their dates

3.16. out-of-towners

4. job

4.1. do every single day

4.2. go to the flow

4.3. multinational companies

4.3.1. offer better salary compared with local ones

4.4. apply for a bunch of jobs

4.5. the current vacancy

4.6. adore my job

4.7. learn a little bit from everyone

4.8. excellent in make-up skills

4.9. get on well with people around=get along well with=friendly

4.10. one year or so

4.11. started my work placement

4.12. fulfill my job commitment

4.13. my scholarship sponsor

4.14. have a chilling night

5. difficult

5.1. what

5.1.1. be proficient in english

5.2. why

5.2.1. found it tough

5.2.2. all greek to me

5.2.3. easier said than done

5.2.4. not a bit easy

5.3. how manage

5.3.1. class no learn by heart cram for knowledge

5.3.2. join a full time intensive course study in a very intensive way

5.3.3. converse with foreigners

5.4. whether do it again

5.4.1. never wish for that

5.4.2. have a real yearning for its completion

6. happy event

6.1. what

6.1.1. birthday bash celebrate me to turn in a 20-year-old girl

6.2. what you did

6.2.1. throw a party at some posh restaurannts

6.2.2. order a scrumptious meal

6.2.3. blow off candles and sing a birthday song

6.2.4. go to a karaoke bar sing to my heart's content

6.3. why

6.3.1. on cloud nine

6.3.2. coz receive meaningful gifts/cards

6.4. whether this type of events is common in your country

6.4.1. if...

6.4.2. otherwise...