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God of Abundance by Mind Map: God of Abundance

1. intro

1.1. biking is healthy

1.1.1. nothing good about poverty people who see the positive is because they are not or never have being poor

2. crisis

2.1. the classical definition of economics: “the science of allocating scarce resources to maximize the achievement of competing ends.

2.1.1. ” In other words, there isn’t enough to go around; somebody is going to have to go without. less fortunate, luck has nothing to do with poverty

2.2. how to respond to this question we invented capitalism and socialism

2.2.1. lets talk about , becuase we are here, capitalism is not what it was nor is socialism, in places they have become a sort of a hybrid, examples of both Scandinavian countries and China the hybrid again has worked for the common good and has also learn new techniques of domination from each other RFID was invented in the Soviet Union originally as a secretive listening device now popular in China, during a protest police can identify who is the group with RFID readers

2.2.2. capitalism and socialism always wanted to be treated like sacred, like religion, demanding total adherence and complete faith. we cannot worship the Father of Jesus Christ and at the same time, worship money, or a political system, Christians have allegiance to the world to come, a reign that has not materialized yet, and our enthusiasm or rejection of one or the other cannot takes to treat human culture as revealed faith, that is what we call idiolatry

2.2.3. the divine dynamic of creation, fall and redemption means that God in relation with the organization of society, both (any system) upholds because systems are necessary for the common good condemns every time that the system is destructive of human self-realization press for change to transform it on more humane order

2.2.4. xtians are supposed to hold these three at the same time police vs blacks police is necessary to protect the common good the system has been used to single out a class of people and to prevent them from self-realization the campaigns against police brutality raises awareness of a problems that needs to be solved. One innocent life lost is in the eyes of God is one too many

3. Bible

3.1. “Six months’ wages would not buy enough bread for each of them to get a little.”

3.2. 5+ 2:7 the number of God

3.2.1. The Bible is replete with things grouped in sevens. Besides the Creation and the exalted status of the Sabbath, the seventh day, there are seven laws of Noah and seven Patriarchs and Matriarchs.

3.3. 12 baskets: The Nation

3.3.1. jesus is stading in here as Moses, the whole feeding of the 5,000 and walking on water is connected to the people of israel beeing fed with manna and the Moses leading the people through the Red Sea the exodus is the script of Jewish history of bondage and liberation by the hand of God, this script is repeated through the history of the nation and trough the personal history of each of us

3.4. The Point of this stories, both walking and multiplying is that Jesus is God, and the nature of God it is one of abundance, of courage to walk over stormy waters, abundance of food for the needy, abundance of healing for the sick, abundance of encouragement for the disheartened

3.5. It takes the economically naive to be open to God’s economics. a child offering changes everything

3.5.1. and we go from scarcity to abundance

3.6. when we become a family to others who are journeying alone here, when we support those who are hurting, and defend the weak we are just doing God's work, as work that God started as he guided the people of israle from bondage into freedom

3.6.1. we are doing what God has done in our lives, this is just about maco enocmics, but also of our economy of life, where are our priorities? where our resources allocated to achive self realization? our gratitude compels us to serve others, to partner with God in his creative, liberating and sanctifying work

4. Conclusion

4.1. Is the God of Jesus Christ a God of scarcity or a God of abundance?

4.1.1. God is a God of abundance, abundant life, abundant mercies, abundant forgiveness, we must model our life in such abundance, abundance is not a just a question of social ordering but also a question of our own personal choices, our own economy of life, our interaction with each other. It is a question of faith, knowing that we do not have control over anything, and we need God's guidance to mobilize ourselves through the stormy waters, like a surfer does

4.1.2. the story of the multiplication of the bread and fishes, the story of Jesus walking on stormy waters, talks about a God that is not limited by fear, by shortages, by scarcity, how we can figured that out to be valid in our own social systems it is up to us

5. why are people poor, why are some wealthy