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1. Ice Breaking

1.1. Syllabus Contents

1.1.1. Getting ready to learn

1.1.2. Goal setting

1.1.3. Library and campus resources

1.1.4. Time management and organization skills

1.1.5. Memory, learning and improving concentration

1.1.6. Taking lecture notes

1.1.7. Academic integrity and performance

1.2. Continuous Assessment

1.2.1. 40% group project Video Preparation Presentation

1.2.2. 60% portfolio / logbook

1.3. Step To Success

1.3.1. Attend all classes

1.3.2. Become active learner

1.3.3. Participate in class

1.3.4. Get to know your lecturers

1.3.5. Form study groups

1.3.6. Stay up to date with your work

1.3.7. Be receptive to change

2. Goal Setting & Learning Management System Using The LMs

2.1. Definition of Goal

2.1.1. Something we would like to achieve in the future

2.2. Characteristics of Goals

2.2.1. Self choosen

2.2.2. Moderately challenging

2.2.3. Realistic

2.2.4. Measurable

2.2.5. Specific

2.2.6. Finite (limited)

2.2.7. Positive

2.3. Academic and Personal Goals

2.3.1. Academic goals 'Anugerah Dekan' every semester GOT (Grade On Time) Being a lecturer

2.3.2. Personal goals Being able to control negative feelings Being a positive thinker Achieve most of my goals

2.4. Setting Goals for New Semester

2.4.1. Focus for 2018 Anugerah Dekan for every semester

2.4.2. Family goals Send my family to Hajj All of my siblings become a successful person Parents as our priority

2.4.3. 3 Spiritual goals Being a true muslim Introduce to non-muslim about Islam is easy religion Being a successful person world and hereafter

2.4.4. Personal development Improve time management Able to control negative feelings Focus on studying until phD

2.4.5. Financial goals Buy something I want with my own money Saving money for my future Help people with my own money

2.4.6. Social goals Be friends with various kind of people Improve my communication skills Increase my confident level

2.4.7. Physical goals Ideal weight Healthier

2.4.8. Career goals Being a Mathematics Lecturer phD holder GOT (Grade On Time)

2.5. Writing Effective Goal Statement 'I Love UiTM'

2.5.1. Goals Being a Mathematics Lecturer

2.5.2. Obstacles I do not know the path to being a lecturer

2.5.3. Resources Family guidance,friends and through internet

2.5.4. Review & Revise Make a lot of research

2.5.5. Publish Being a student in UiTM Kampus Segamat in Diploma Sains Matematik

3. Library College Resources

3.1. Library Academic Services

3.1.1. Library orientation briefing

3.1.2. Library tour

3.1.3. Information skills classes

3.1.4. Help desk services

3.1.5. Research consultation service

3.1.6. Information discovery

3.1.7. Library outreach programme

3.1.8. Library mobile infokiosk

3.1.9. Live chat service

3.1.10. Digital map

3.1.11. Collection of companies yearly report

3.1.12. Collection government annual report and publication

3.1.13. Endnote and mendeley services

3.1.14. Research skills classes

3.1.15. Report of UiTM Indexed Publication in Scopus and Web of Science

3.2. Online and Offline Services

3.2.1. Blog www.researchjsp.blogspot.com

3.2.2. Facebook Bahagian Perkhidmatan Akademik

3.2.3. Twitter #researchsupport

3.2.4. Website for Reference Service & Research Help http://www.library.uitm.edu.my/bpa

3.2.5. References at Bahagian Perkhidmatan Akademik

3.2.6. Reference counter Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 7:45 pm Saturday - Sunday 8:30 am - 4:45 pm

3.2.7. Live chat Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 7:45 pm Saturday - Sunday 8:30 am - 4:45 pm After office hours, all chats will be answered via e-mail

3.3. Campus Resources

3.3.1. Academic resources Library Information technology & computing Registration

3.3.2. Housing, dining and transportation resources Buses Dining places

3.3.3. Student organization resources Extra - curricular Leisure activities

4. Time Management & Organizational Skills

4.1. Using Time Management Strategies to Stay Motivated

4.1.1. Use weekly schedule

4.1.2. Use daily planner

4.1.3. Use semester calendar

4.1.4. Balance academic with social and personal demand

4.1.5. Avoid procrastination (delaying,postponing)

4.2. What is Procrastination?

4.2.1. Putting off a task for another occasion

4.3. Why people procrastinate?

4.3.1. Being a perfectionist

4.3.2. Avoiding failure

4.3.3. Being rebellious

4.3.4. Being lazy

4.3.5. Avoidding success

4.4. How to overcome procrastination?

4.4.1. Know what you should accomplish

4.4.2. Determine deadlines

4.4.3. Use schedule/planners/calendars

4.4.4. Prioritize

4.4.5. Break a task into a series of steps

4.4.6. Do the unpleasant task first

4.4.7. Change how you think about the task

4.4.8. Have fun with activities

4.4.9. Establish rewards for completion

4.5. Why people procrastinate?

5. Memory, Improving Concentration & Reading System

5.1. Memory and Learning

5.1.1. Lecture 5%

5.1.2. Reading 10%

5.1.3. Audio visual 20%

5.1.4. Demonstration 30%

5.1.5. Disscussion group 50%

5.1.6. Practice by doing 75%

5.1.7. Teaching others 90%

5.1.8. Audio visual 20%

5.2. Memory Processes

5.2.1. Memory Retention of information over time

5.2.2. Brain The organ

5.3. Components vs Human

5.3.1. Encoding - Storage - Retrieval

5.4. Memory Strategies

5.4.1. Why it is important? Help to remember and recall information

5.4.2. Reasons for forgetting? Did not pay attention Did not understand the information Cramming Interference Text anxiety

5.5. How to improve your memory?

5.5.1. Massed practice vc spaced practice

5.5.2. Break reading material down

5.5.3. Rehearsal

5.5.4. Elaboration strategies Associations Acronyms Acrostics/catchwords Imagery Organizational strategies

5.6. Strategies to improve concentration

5.6.1. Use motivational and organizational strategies

5.6.2. Create positive learning environment

5.6.3. Deal with internal distractions

5.6.4. Use active learning strategies

5.6.5. Monitor your concentration

6. Taking Lecture Notes

6.1. Why Taking Lecturer Notes?

6.1.1. Promote active learning

6.1.2. Provide an accurate record of information

6.1.3. Provide an opportunity to interpret, condense and organize information

6.1.4. Provides an opportunity for repetition of the material

7. Academic Integrity & Performance

7.1. Avoiding Plagiarism

7.1.1. Plagiarism An act of using or closely imitating the language and thoughts of another author without authorization and the representation of that author's work as own as by not crediting the original author

7.1.2. Considered plagiarism Turning in someone else's works as your own Copying words or ideas from someone else without giving credit Failing to put a quotation in quotation marks Giving incorrect information about the source of the quotation Changing words but copying the sentence structure of a source without giving credit Copying so many words or ideas from a source that it makes up the majority of your work, whether you give credit or not

7.2. Preventing Plagiarism

7.2.1. Consult with lecturer

7.2.2. Plan your paper

7.2.3. Take effective notes

7.2.4. Make it clear who said what

7.2.5. Know how to pharaphrase

7.2.6. Evaluate your sources

7.2.7. Include a reference page

7.3. GPA

7.3.1. Total credit values registered and attempted in the assessment of a semester ------------------------------------- Total credit units acquired in the same semester

7.4. CGPA

7.4.1. Total credit values registered and attempted in the assessment of all semesters ------------------------------------- Total credit units acquired in all semsters

7.5. Failure and Dismissal

7.5.1. D1 CGPA less than 1.80 CGPA less than 1.80

7.5.2. D2 CGPA less than 1.80 with P1 status

7.5.3. D3 CGPA less than 2.00 with P2 status

7.5.4. D4 Failed certain course for the third time

7.5.5. D5 CGPA less than 2.00 at the end of the maximum period of study and still have courses which have not been completed

7.5.6. D6 Passed all courses required by a programme and fulfilled all the requirements of the programme but acquired a CGPA of less than 2.00

7.5.7. D7 Did not sit for the examination of all the registered courses for that semester without the approval of the University