From candidacy to evaluation

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From candidacy to evaluation by Mind Map: From candidacy to evaluation

1. Candidate phase

1.1. Professional development plant

1.2. schedule analized

1.3. school visit approved by te IB office

1.4. All teachers access to the IB online center (OCC)

2. Request for authorization

2.1. application for authorization -specific documents are submitted

2.1.1. school understood the IB philosophy

2.1.2. school understood the program requirements

2.1.3. school met he major objectives of its action plan

2.1.4. school concluded the tramits

3. PROGRAM EVALUATION/maintaining the standards and practices on a regular basis check/every 5 years

3.1. Designee IB workshops for the staff/period under review

3.2. 1 or 2 representatives per subject take specific workshops/period under review

3.3. another workshops for subject reviewed and a new guide extracted/period under review

4. verification visit/guide to school authorization:DP report

4.1. Commendations

4.2. Recommendations

4.3. Matters to be addresed