School of Marketing Plans

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School of Marketing Plans by Mind Map: School of Marketing Plans

1. Courses

1.1. Social Media

1.1.1. before 15/8 Table Of Content Social Media Course Table of Content "Writing" Landing Page Social Media Course Landing Page Execution Social Media Course Content Writing Preparation

1.1.2. Content Creation & Production Social Media Course Design Video Production

1.1.3. Social Media Course Launching Campaign

1.2. Content Manifesto

1.2.1. before 15/8 Table Of Content Content Manifesto Table of Content "Writing" Landing Page Content Manifesto Course Landing Page Execution Content Manifesto Content Writing Preparation

1.2.2. Content Creation & Production Content Manifesto Course Design Video Production

1.2.3. Content Manifesto Course Launching Campaign

1.3. Update Content Creation 102

1.3.1. Request Feedback from all the 102 Course customers

1.3.2. Create new Content for 102 Update or Recreate the Exist

1.3.3. Content Production Videos Design

2. Marketly

2.1. Marketly Website Execution

2.2. Marketly Operation Manual

2.2.1. Preparing Sheet for Companies

2.2.2. Meetings with Companies

2.2.3. Prepare people from the tribe group to be on Marketly as profles

2.3. Marketly Launching Campaign

2.3.1. Create Marketly FB Page

2.3.2. Content of Marketly Launching Campaign

3. Awfar

3.1. Awfar Social Media

3.1.1. FB Activities Awfar Content Activities #Awfar_Offer Activity Awfar Activities Design

3.1.2. Social Content Outsource included el Design before 15-8

3.1.3. Commercial Content Awfar Commercial Designs 10 Designs "With Rayan"

3.1.4. Awfar Instagram Social Content

3.1.5. Elketab Outsourcing 15-8

4. White & Bright

4.1. White&Bright Website Execution

4.2. Social Media

4.2.1. Social Content Outsource White&Bright Social Media Designs

4.3. Wight&Bright SEO Content

4.3.1. Outsource

4.3.2. SEO Content White&Bright Designs

4.4. Launching White & Bright

4.5. Launching Campaign