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HR Roles by Mind Map: HR Roles

1. Hiring

2. Administration

3. Recruitment

4. Providing job details

5. Seek Candidates

6. Attract strong candidates

7. Promote

8. Travel to campuses

9. Travel to job fairs

10. Specialize in a specific job

11. Have special skills to recruit

12. Hire new employees

13. Create job descriptions

14. Post job openings

15. Advertise open positions

16. Collect Applications

17. Review Applications

18. Conduct the interview process

19. Answer questions and provide

20. Organize policies

21. Organize programs

22. Ensure compliance

23. Payroll management

24. Employee benefits

25. Promoting open enrollment for employees

26. Maintain records on each employee

27. Keeping employees informed of various job details

28. Working with management to ensure employees are doing their job

29. Making sure employees understand their duties

30. Making sure employees understand their working hours

31. Ensure employees understand the work environment

32. inform employees of dress code

33. Makes sure employees understand their compensation and benefits