Digital Tools for Formative Assessments

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Digital Tools for Formative Assessments by Mind Map: Digital Tools for Formative Assessments

1. AnswerGarden »

2. is a site that allows teachers to create assignments and it provides live results. Teachers love that open-ended and math problems are answer options on here.


3. Plickers are printed cards that are scanned by a teacher cell-phone or iPad to get immediate feedback. These are useful for in-class multiple-choice answers.

3.1. Plickers

4. Socrative is an on-line quiz site that enables students to respond via laptop or cell phone. Socrative also has survey options and game options. These quizzes can be shared with other teachers, as well.

4.1. Socrative

5. Quizziz is described as "gamified" formative assessment. These quizzes come with funny meme options for immediate feedback to students, right or wrong. There are a number of searchable, public Quizziz that other teachers have created, so you may be able to simply choose one for your objectives.

5.1. Quizizz: Free quizzes for every student

6. Google Forms allow teachers to create survey and quizzes with a variety of answer options, including text responses. The answers automatically populate a linked spreadsheet for ease of analysis. The add-on, Flubaroo, makes this spreadsheet data scorable.

6.1. Google Forms - create and analyze surveys, for free.

7. Answer Garden is a site that allows teachers to "plant a question" and then have student send in digital answers. There are a number of moderation settings and ways to use this site as an entrance or exit ticket. The results are presented in a visual format for the entire class to read and assess.

7.1. AnswerGarden »

8. is site for teachers to find or create their own study games. The "brainrushes" are described as adaptive because the concepts that are not mastered will keep popping up for the student.

8.1. BrainRush | Home

9. Edueto is a site where teachers can create a variety of online exercises.


10. FlipQuiz is a site to create review games.

10.1. FlipQuiz™ | Classroom Review Game for Educators

11. added a new "live" game function that takes the thousands of Quizlet flashcard lists and makes them into a collaborative live-time group activity.

11.1. QuizletLive!

12. Flippity is a site that allows teachers to import data from spreadsheets to create a variety of activities.

12.1. Easily Turn Google Spreadsheets into Flashcards and Other Cool Stuff

13. Animoto – Gives students the ability to make a short, 30-second share video of what they learned in a given lesson.

13.1. Animoto - Log In

14. Answer Pad – A graphical student response system with the ability to poll and leave feedback. The blank pad functions like an individual whiteboard for each student.

14.1. AnswerGarden – A tool for online brainstorming or polling, educators can use this real-time tool to see student feedback on questions.

14.2. HOME

15. AudioNote – A combination of a voice recorder and notepad that captures both audio and notes for student collaboration.

15.1. ‎AudioNote™ on the App Store

16. Backchannel Chat – (Now MasteryConnect Student.) Like TodaysMeet, this site offers a teacher-moderated version of Twitter. An extension of the in-the-moment conversation might be to capture the chat, create a tag cloud, and see what surfaces as a focus of the conversation.

16.1. Backchannel Chat - Safe Secure Classroom Discussions

17. Biblionasium – This online, safe, and simple book network allows teachers to view books students have read (a digital reading log), create reading challenges for students, and track progress. Students also can review and recommend books to their peers on the site.

17.1. Biblionasium

18. BookSnap – While currently this app is only available for iOS, it truly provides a digital way for learners to interact with text and with other learners.

18.1. ‎BookSnap on the App Store

19. Buncee – A creation and presentation tool that helps students and teachers visualize, communicate, and engage with classroom concepts and ideas.

19.1. Buncee | Create, Present and Share Engaging Multimedia Lessons

20. Chatzy – Use Chatzy like you would use TodaysMeet to support backchannel conversations in a private setting. These live chats make great companions to classroom discussion, provide exit tickets, or keep a discussion going after the class is over.

20.1. Free Private Chat Rooms - Chatzy

21. Educreations Interactive Whiteboard – A whiteboard app that provides students the tool to share understanding and comprehension.

21.1. ‎Educreations on the App Store