Learning Environment: Ensure Educational Structures Enable 21st Century Skills

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Learning Environment: Ensure Educational Structures Enable 21st Century Skills by Mind Map: Learning Environment: Ensure Educational Structures Enable 21st Century Skills

1. Classroom

1.1. Environment

1.1.1. Instead of desks, classrooms should have tables for students to have more room and technology. Students should feel safe when in the classroom. Positive learning environment where they feel comfortable.

1.2. Structure

1.2.1. The room will change frequently. Can move tables around to make room for collaboration and activities.

1.2.2. Classrooms would be based on subject or need. There will be windows, so students can see outside.

2. Community

2.1. Goals

2.1.1. The learning goal is to reach out to the community to extend learning in place like libraries, higher education, and other public facilities. If the community is involved with the student's goal, then the students will meet their goals.

2.1.2. Technology Get the community connected with the schools through websites or email. With technology, it will get the community and school in touch with one another.

3. Physical Spaces

3.1. Flexibility

3.1.1. Open area where students can collaborate and do hands on activities. The classroom should have furniture and other objects to have learning activities. With flexibility, students can work on real-world skills to be ready for the future.

3.2. Labs

3.2.1. Specific rooms: art, biology, chemistry, and STEM. They won't look like normal classrooms, but will have the space for students to do more work without feeling crowded.

4. Technology

4.1. Environment

4.1.1. In classrooms, there should be tables so students have more room to do work and for their laptops. Have smart boards instead of a whiteboard for more hands on activities. An interactive device. Have short-throws, which works like a smart board, but projects on a whiteboard. Wireless pen to write on when presenting. Have some computers in the back of the room for students or laptops for everyone.

4.2. Internet

4.2.1. Wireless internet throughout the school. With internet, students can do work and collaborate with other students on projects or assignments.