Medical Research in the Middle East: is there something missing?

Medical Research in Saudi Arabia: is there something missing?

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Medical Research in the Middle East: is there something missing? by Mind Map: Medical Research in the Middle East: is there something missing?

1. Clinical Epidemiology The Essentials

2. Ease of access to patient medical records for research purposes

3. Ability to access articles and previous work

3.1. A necessity in universities and major hospitals

3.2. Librarians

3.2.1. with focus in medical field

3.3. Enable access to international medical databases

3.3.1. OVID with Medline Psych info Others

3.3.2. Publishers Scince web Springerlink

3.4. Access to major and specialized journals

3.5. Action steps

3.5.1. Universities Discuss required databases and journals with interested staf Specify

3.5.2. Hospitals New node

4. Research Interests

5. Research Question

6. Recruiting collaborating centers

7. Research Instruments/Scales (e.g., Quality of Life Outcomes)

7.1. Cultural Validation

8. Through email

8.1. [email protected]

8.1.1. Service already running

9. More outlets of publication

9.1. University based journals

9.1.1. Needs more aknoledgment Increase accessability e.g. post online Print copies in university hospitals

9.1.2. Include student's work e.g. journal of taibah university

10. Simple and basics

11. Incorporate in required annual CME

11.1. Participation in research related activites

12. Local in same university

12.1. Arranged by students for students

12.1.1. Example: KAU Annual Research Day

13. Beyond the basics

13.1. For more interested students

13.1.1. Mentorship

13.1.2. Research clubs Example: KAU research club

13.1.3. Competitions National Regional e.g. International scientific conference for GCC medical students National

14. الجمعية العلمية السعودية للبحث الطبي؟؟

15. Research Planning

15.1. Needs Assessment

15.2. Public Awareness & Acceptance

15.3. Research Funding

15.4. Collaboration

15.5. Ethics Board

16. Research Conduction

16.1. Supportive serviceses

16.1.1. Including Research Assistants Statisticians Librarians Bioinformatic experts

16.1.2. Build databases of available personel

16.1.3. Training courses for available local personnel

16.1.4. Training of new personnel

16.1.5. Proper remuniration

16.2. Modify pathway for accepting articles in local journals

16.2.1. (some journals require you pay to submit !!)

16.3. More funding opportunities

16.3.1. Build database of available funding organizations Universities Dedicated Scientific and Academic Chairs King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology Clarify regulations of grant applications

16.3.2. Recruitment of more funding organizations Commercial institutions Depends on focus of research (shared interest)

16.3.3. Wider dissemination of available and new funding opportunities e.g. posters

16.4. Availability of regional research methodology centers

16.5. Patient medical databases

16.5.1. Proper setup of patients medical charts Mandate proper filing of medical history Quality checks Consider electronic medical records in major centers and university hospitals

16.6. National Disease Registries

16.6.1. How to access them?

17. Research Results Dissemination

17.1. Medical/Academic Writing Workshops

17.2. Mentorship

17.3. Media Collaboration

17.4. On personal bases

17.4.1. Praise work of others

17.5. Research Conferences

17.5.1. National & Regional

17.5.2. Specialty-specific & General

18. Increase general awareness about importance of research

18.1. Students

18.1.1. The Basics Medical School Curriculum Courses on Research Methodology & EBM Requirement of research involvement as part of curriculum Incorporate articles as part of reading resources Regular journal club meetings Add extra-curricular credits for research Advocate interdisciplinary research Educate students about different research tracks Mandate an introductory project management course for students who are interested in research One project as a residency requirment Create MD/MSc or MD/PhD prgrams Mentorship Program by active researchers

18.2. Health care practitioners

18.2.1. Residents Clinician-Scientist Programs Devise an affiliated national curriculum for a clinician scientist program Establish a Saudi Association of Clinician Scientists and Investigators (SACSI) Annual National Meeting for the SACSI Establish a scientific Journal for the SACSI allocating protected time for research during residency Establish research residencies and demonstrate their benefits MSc/PhD tracks within residency

18.2.2. Practicing physicians Workshops on how to: Look for articles on a subject Access and read an article Conduct a research project Change and Project Management Paper and Grant Writing How to be an effective presenter, getting the massage through? Clinical, administrative, research and family; finding the right balance? Journal clubs Academic staff Required number of publications

18.2.3. Incorporate E-Learning and Technology Self paced learning Feed back Crowed Source learning Peer Evaluation

18.3. The general public

18.3.1. Advertisement campains To show importance of research In developing our country to the whole humanity Benifits Fund raising to support researches To connect people who want to help research with researches and research institutes Consider "wagf for medical research" concept

18.3.2. Engage patients in research Patients with previous positive experience in research Include a patient representative in research boards Be transparent (Report results to patients) Include public education session in scientific conferences

18.4. Serious Consideration for Research Involvement during Residency Application

18.4.1. F.Toonsi: Shouldn't this be under Residents section?

19. General rules before editing this mind map

19.1. Please do not delete other participent's ideas

19.1.1. Add your input and comments in a separate node under your name F Toonsi: this is an example

19.2. Please feel free to add any idea.

19.2.1. This is a brain storming mind map, even less appealing ideas could develop to more useful ones

19.3. You can color action-steps with red

19.3.1. (These are final small steps at the end of a branch that when done will help in achieving the idea-thought of the main branch)

19.3.2. Collaboration of medical scientific societies to promote research Including Saudi society for medical education More research activities Grant competitions New node

20. Construct and consolidate medical personell's knowledge about research methodologies

20.1. Disseminate available free resources on research

20.1.1. From the internet Previous articles youtube videos Dedicated free websites that discuss how to conduct research Please feel free to add links

20.1.2. Facebook Saudi research facebook page???

20.2. Workshops

20.2.1. Topics How to search for research papers Research methodologies The grant winning proposal How to formulate a research question EBM

20.3. Recommend books

20.3.1. More advanced

21. Need major bodies that direct research in KSA

22. Draw a researchers Roadma

22.1. To assist self directed learning

22.1.1. A stepwise checklist to clarify required knowledge to publish from A to Z

22.1.2. Include resources to acquire this knowledge

22.2. Disseminate and spread