My 100 Things

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My 100 Things by Mind Map: My 100 Things

1. Educational

1.1. Learn Spanish

1.2. Attend a cooking class

1.3. Learn and play blackjack in Vegas

1.4. Build a bat house

1.5. Change the brakes on my car

1.6. Learn how to play the piano

1.7. Work at a nursery

1.8. Knit a hat

1.9. Learn to meditate

1.10. Learn sign language

1.11. Attend a TED talk

1.12. Blow glass

2. Community Service

2.1. Volunteer at an organic farm

2.2. Help start a community garden

2.3. Adopt several old dogs from the animal shelter

2.4. Help someone achieve a goal

3. Physical

3.1. Run a half marathon

3.2. Go deep sea diving

3.3. Go backpacking in Alaska

3.4. Play water polo

3.5. Go snowboarding

3.6. Hike slot canyons

3.7. Go backpacking for a month

4. Dangerous

4.1. Swim with sharks

4.2. See lava/magma/molten rock in person

4.3. Spend the night out on the town with only strangers

4.4. Harvest tea leaves in China

4.5. Give a hitchhiker a ride

4.6. Go skydiving in Indonesia

4.7. Ride in a hot air balloon

4.8. Go zip-lining

5. Travel

5.1. Swim in the Pacific Ocean

5.2. Go skinny-dipping in the Mediterranean Sea

5.3. Dine at a 3-star Michelin restaurant

5.4. Live in New Zealand

5.5. Visit Colombia

5.6. Go to the Winter Olympic games

5.7. See the Grand Canyon

5.8. See Mt Rushmore

5.9. See the Northern Lights

5.10. Walk the Great Wall of China

5.11. Swim in a hot spring

5.12. Visit New Orleans during Mardi Gras

5.13. See a Redwood tree

5.14. Go to a World Cup game

5.15. Go to a NYC night club

5.16. Visit Stonehenge

5.17. See Mayan ruins

5.18. Stand on the equator

5.19. Go to Oktoberfest

5.20. Visit Spain

5.21. Ride a train across Europe

5.22. Participate in La Tomatina

5.23. Visit Chicago

5.24. Tour a vineyard

5.25. Spend the night in a castle

6. Misc.

6.1. Meet Slyvia Earle

6.2. Meet Michelle Obama

6.3. Own a pineapple plant

6.4. See Snarky Puppy live

6.5. Watch all 3 Lord of the Rings

6.6. Get a tattoo of a beet

6.7. Tattoo someone else

6.8. Compete in a rock, paper, scissors competition

6.9. See the Caps win a second Stanley Cup

6.10. Attend a Broadway show

6.11. Spend all day riding roller coasters

6.12. Tour a haunted house

6.13. Ride in a gondola

6.14. Try squash blossoms

6.15. Make my own pesto

6.16. Have something/someone named after me

6.17. Make ravioli