Professional Communications

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Professional Communications by Mind Map: Professional Communications

1. photo Journalism

1.1. understanding the significant impact a photo can have on a story

1.2. the difficultly in not adding my own opinions into journalism

1.3. importance of have succinct, impacting captions

2. storytelling: communication research, idea development, pitch and peer feedback

2.1. Being critical when deciding what research to use

2.2. the importance of finding our what everyones strengths are in a group and using that to our advantage

2.3. The necessity in having a clear campaign, with a clear goal

2.4. always take feedback on board and use it to the best of your ability

2.5. I discovered an interest in creating campaigns

3. Media Strategy and J-Pitch

3.1. Discovering how to write a media release

3.2. The importance of coming up with creative relevant ideas for pitching a campaign

3.3. Learning how to work on a tight time frame and create a public presentation

4. Reflecting on discoveries

4.1. reflecting on the entire semester has given be a better outlook regarding what career path i would like to take

4.2. summarised the main discoveries i made this semester, providing me with a clearer outlook

5. journalism

5.1. The significance communication has on society and how easily popular thought can be manipulated by writers.

5.2. I discovered the the creativity required in this profession. Journalists must constantly be on their toes and thinking of a new way to attract their audiences

5.3. The difficulty in providing a piece of work without bias

6. advertising

6.1. I found an unexpected interest in this area

6.2. advertising is everywhere and is almost consuming the world we live in

6.3. It is used to bring up political and social issues (through advertising a product eg.)

6.4. extremely creative career

6.5. extremely competitive and requires fast thinking

7. group work

7.1. I discovered the benefits in working with a group

7.2. the importance of using everyones skills

7.3. Group work is such a huge part of working with any corporation, so working with one group throughout the entire semester was very beneficial.

8. Professional Aspirations

8.1. I do not yet know the profession i would like to get into however i really enjoyed creating the work like a woman campaign. Id like to do something that involves highlighting a pressing issue and making a change. I think through traditional and social media so much is possible in todays society. All the topics we covered this semester have a great relevance in todays world.

8.1.1. Journalism I believe that the journalism section was my strongest point. I really enjoyed writing the media release and creating the photo journalism piece for the gender pay gap.

8.1.2. Media holds such a huge place in todays society.

9. Professional Planning

9.1. focus on improving writing skills and thinking more creatively

9.2. Work on constantly asking questions regarding how something could be done better

10. Public Relations

10.1. I have found this my least enjoyable subject

10.1.1. I hope not to get into a public relations role

10.2. extremely useful and relevant

10.2.1. very necessary for all big corporations Bad PR can ruin a whole corporation working on the Facebook data crisis exemplified this

11. Rhetorics and politics

11.1. Really enjoy this subject

11.2. Really interesting semester, with challenging reading. Enjoyed studying rhetorics and the impact communication has on governing and politics

11.3. I have found this subject to also assist greatly in my other two subjects (in understanding communication technologies used in society)