VS SharePoint Training Flow Chart

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VS SharePoint Training Flow Chart by Mind Map: VS SharePoint Training Flow Chart

1. Coming soon! Lesson 6: 508 Accessibility Help

1.1. Accessing 508 Resources and Assistance

1.1.1. Formative Assessment: 508/Accessibility Resources Return to Navigational Overview/Menu Continue to Final Assessment

2. Introduction

2.1. Navigational Overview/Menu

2.1.1. Lesson 1; Identifying event types/determining needs Identifying event types (Webinar, broadcast only) Identifying event types (VLC) Identifying event types (Individual TA/Working meeting) Formative Assessment, identifying event types Return to Navigational Overview/Menu Continue to Lesson 2 Continue to Final Assessment

2.1.2. Lesson 2: Virtual Event Request Forms Locating the forms Differentiating the forms

2.1.3. Lesson 3: Virtual Events Calendar Locate the VS Calendar Reviewing the VS Calendar

2.1.4. Lesson 4: Planning for Virtual Events Locate procedural and/or budget documentation Access the Virtual Event Producers OneNote notebook Locate monthly event data Locate the master table of event statistics

2.1.5. Lesson 5: Event Logs SharePoint Library Locating and sorting/filtering historical event logs Formative Assessment: Searching historical event logs

2.1.6. Final Assessment [SurveyGizmo]

3. Legend:

3.1. Purple with green arrow denotes sequential path: Once engaged, learner must follow horizontal pathway through completion.

3.2. Yellow with blue diamond denotes a non-sequential pathway: Learner may choose from any of the associated vertical pathways.

3.3. Denotes video demonstration

3.4. Denotes assessment