Sports in Britain

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Sports in Britain by Mind Map: Sports in Britain

1. Rugby

1.1. Invented in the 1823 in England

1.2. Created by William Webb Ellis

1.3. Who was running with the ball

2. Snooker

2.1. Invented in the 19th century

2.2. Developed by British soldiers

2.2.1. Stationed in India

2.2.2. Developed from the game of billiards

3. Table Tennis

3.1. Created in the last 19th century in England

3.2. Was born as a Victorian parlour game

3.3. The first official World Championships were held in London in 1926

3.3.1. It became an Olympic sport in 1988.

4. Golf

4.1. The modern game is have born in Scotland in the 15th century

4.2. Inspired ancient games

4.2.1. The Roman Empire

4.2.2. Ancient China

5. Cricket

5.1. Between the 13th and 15th centuries in England

5.2. The name is derived from the Old French, Dutch or English words for "stick".

6. Netball

6.1. Created in 1890 in England

6.2. Created by Martina Bergman-Österberg

6.2.1. Physical education instructor

6.2.2. In Hampstead college,

6.3. Derived of the American sport basketball

7. Darts

7.1. Invented in the 13th century

7.2. Developed by British soldiers

7.2.1. They used to throw arrows on tree trunks

7.2.2. They threw arrows at the bottom of the barrels of beer

7.3. The game is the favourite British pastime

8. Football

8.1. Created in the 18th and 19th centuries in England

8.2. From the rules established at English public schools

8.2.1. Before then, football was more of an anarchic "mob game" Ban between 1324 and 1667.

9. Tennis

9.1. Invented in the 1860s in England

9.2. Was invented on a croquet lawn

9.3. Is very popular in England

10. Curling

10.1. Invented in the 16th century in Scotland

10.2. If the game seems to come from Flanders, it is in Scotland that it turns into a sport

10.3. The first club was created in Edinburgh in 1795

11. Bolws

11.1. Invented in the 11th century in England

11.2. Bowls is one of Britain's oldest sports

12. Baseball

12.1. Created in the 16th century in Britain

12.2. The English "Rounders" Game Appears as One of Baseball's Ancestors

12.2.1. In 1744

12.2.2. The first reference to the rounders is made in an English book by John Newbery

13. Squash

13.1. Created in the 19th century in England

13.2. Have been invented at Harrow School

13.2.1. Based on "rackets", which was developed by prisoners

14. Badminton

14.1. Created in the 18th century

14.2. Has roots of the game "battledore and shuttlecock"

14.2.1. This game is about 2000 years old

14.2.2. It has been popular in India, China

14.3. A game played by British soldiers

14.3.1. In India

14.3.2. the soldiers took badminton back to Englands

15. Rounders

15.1. Invented since 16th century

15.2. A close relation of cricket and baseball

15.3. To have been played in England and Ireland for hundreds of years.

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