V-Tiger Implementation

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V-Tiger Implementation by Mind Map: V-Tiger Implementation

1. Processing

1.1. Document API to V-Tiger and required methods to implement

1.1.1. Get to understand V-Tiger

1.1.2. Find intersections with SalesForce and whether some functionality can be supplied by new plugin.

1.1.3. Consult current implementation for more info but do not use the code

1.2. Create basic plugin bundle and its repository

1.3. Create proposed structure with empty services and consult others

1.4. Write tests for your methods and PHPdoc them

1.5. Implement 2. Configuration parts and needed functionalities

1.5.1. 2. Integration / Configuration features in cooperation with Jan Triggered 2-way synchronization Push Contacts / Companies to integration Pull Contacts / Companies from integration Sandbox enabled setting Update contact owner setting Feature Specific Settings - Update blank values Feature Specific Settings - Use latest updated Do Not Contact Record Feature Specific Settings - Choose VTiger objects to pull contacts and companies from Feature Specific Settings - Events to include in the activity sync

1.5.2. 2-way contact synchronization Objects to support Leads synchronization Accounts synchronization Activities synchronization Tasks synchronization

1.6. Functionalities to be implemented

1.6.1. Sync Timing and Rules

1.6.2. Field Mapping - Customizing Mapping

1.6.3. Sandbox enablement

1.6.4. Update blank values

1.6.5. DNC Sync

1.6.6. Contact Owner Sync

1.6.7. Tasks -Actions in campaigns to create tasks