Effective internet use and searching

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Effective internet use and searching by Mind Map: Effective internet use and searching

1. Narrow down your searches

2. Do not copy exact phrases

2.1. Instead, learn how to paraphrase and summarise your understanding

3. Always remember internet safety when searching online

3.1. Don't believe everything you see on the internet

4. Internet Engines

4.1. Learn how to use search from Google and other internet engines to find your research effectively, using key terms

5. Look beyond the first results to find other sources of information

5.1. Make sure to check if your website is credible

6. 5 tips when searching

6.1. 1. Clarify: brainstorm, find key words or synonyms

6.2. 2. Search: use simple terms, be specific and use quotation marks

6.3. 3. Delve: look beyond the first results

6.4. 4. Evaluate: don't believe everything you read and look at 2 - 3 sources

6.5. 5. Cite: use your own words and acknowledge your sources

7. http://www.w2tw.uk/

8. Use quotes to locate a specific phrase

9. Find words within the website to help your understanding

10. Be specific!

11. Use more than one search engine for information

12. Plagiarism and Copyright

13. Internet Safety