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Louis Riel by Mind Map: Louis Riel

1. Who was Louis Riel's partner if he had one?

2. WHAT?

2.1. What was Louis Riel's Education?

2.2. What did Louis Riel do for a living?

2.3. What influenced Louis Riel to help the Metis?

2.4. What was Louis Riel's goal?

3. WHO?

3.1. Who did Louis Riel help?

3.1.1. Who are Louis Riel's parents?

3.2. Who influenced Louis Riel to become a politician?


4.1. Where did Louis Riel die?

4.2. Where did Louis Riel grow up?

4.3. Where did Louis Riel fight for the Metis rights?

4.4. Where did they place Louis Riel's statue to show his gratitude?

4.5. Where did Louis Riel kill Thomas Scott?

5. WHEN?

5.1. When did Louis Riel join Politician?

5.2. When was Louis Riel born?

5.3. When did Louis Riel fight for the Metis?

5.4. When did become famous?

6. WHY?

6.1. Why did Louis Riel become a politician?

6.2. Why did Louis Riel kill Thomas Scott?

6.3. Why did Louis Riel help the Metis?

6.4. Why is Louis Riel important?

6.5. Why is Louis Riel the Greatest Canadian?

7. HOW?

7.1. How did Louis Riel die?

7.1.1. How did Louis Riel become famous?

7.2. How did Louis Riel kill Thomas Scott?

7.3. How is Louis Riel The Greatest Canadian?

7.3.1. How much did he care for the Metis?

7.3.2. How did Louis Riel succeed with the rights of the Metis?