Self-Discipline in 10 days

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Self-Discipline in 10 days by Mind Map: Self-Discipline  in 10 days

1. Preliminary Information

1.1. Hyde

1.1.1. is creative fun loving pleasure-seeking comfort-seeking non-ambitious

1.1.2. believes because of self-discipline I'll become a slave to routine I'll lose my freedom I'll lose my sense of fun I'll drown in a sea of responsibilities I'll put too much pressure on myself

1.1.3. Poisons Cynicism Pessimism Negativism Negative Attitude Defeatism Self-Defeat Escapism Emotional Stones Delayism Do It Later

1.2. Action-oriented Self-Talk

1.2.1. Basic Requirements Positive Specific Present Tense

1.2.2. Self-Talk Subconscious Influence Your Behaviour Background music in shop Subconscious debate Hyde Working place Replacing self-defeating message with...

1.2.3. What to Say Action orientated "I am now working on my rapport" "I choose..." "I should..." "I have..." "I must..."

1.2.4. Tip Say it Aloud for maximum effect

1.3. Understanding Self-Discipline

1.3.1. Self-Discipline Is NOT A personality trait Forcing yourself using willpower IS Skill Self-Awareness Process of self-coordination Psychological self-management to ask yourself "How can I get myself to do what I should do?" "How can I get myself to do what a part of me doesn't want to do?" Key to Self-Discipline Recognize and deal with resistance Exercise your Self-Discipline muscles Block busting FEARS

2. The 10 Days Self-Discipline

2.1. Before You Begin

2.1.1. 15 min per exercise

2.1.2. Be Specific Name names Honest

2.1.3. IMPORTANT don't just think write it down

2.2. Fear of Failure

2.2.1. A person can fail but He is not a failure as a person

2.2.2. Failure is a Stepping stone not a Tombstone

2.2.3. The Point we link failure to humiliation

2.2.4. Feelings affects you Emotionally Intellectually Physically

2.2.5. EXERCISE 3 Past Failures High School Driving License Basketball Team Notes Physically Emotionally

2.3. Fear of Success

2.3.1. Exploring Fear of Success London IT Success Problem Counter-Strike Success Problem

2.3.2. Success Definition A favourable result

2.3.3. Negative Self-Talk "Maybe I don't really deserve success" feel unworthy "If I'm successful, people will judge me with a more critical eye." pressure to live up to success "It's lonely at the top." "If I am successful someone close to me will suffer." compassion to someone else "I'll be overcome by responsibility and pressure." afraid of buring and dull life

2.4. Fear of Rejection

2.4.1. Point When you try to satisfy everyone, you end up losing your ass

2.4.2. Need of approval

2.4.3. Satisfying others needs to

2.4.4. Inability to say NO

2.4.5. Exploring Fear of Rejection Father Friends Spouse

2.5. Fear of Mediocrity

2.5.1. Point Subconscious fear of appearing mediocre either to ourselves or others

2.5.2. Remember Non of us are perfect Nothing we do is perfect Perfection is the domain of the Gods

2.5.3. Exploring Fear of Mediocrity Internet Marketing Education

2.6. Fear of Risks

2.6.1. Point "Better to be safe then sorry" Feel comfortable Self-doubt achieving things

2.6.2. Remember Self-Confidence supports

2.6.3. Exploring Fear of Mediocrity "I wish I hadn't done that"

3. Subconscious Beliefs

3.1. Understanding Belief System

3.1.1. Self-discipline process Decision to act Preparation Action Completion/Maintenance

3.1.2. Remember Self-discipline is

3.2. "All or Nothing" & Visualization

3.2.1. Beliefs "All or Nothing" "There are only winners and losers," "There is only one right way to do it." "Either do it right or don't do it at all."

3.2.2. Power Tool Visualization Mental image either using Hyde's replace create The Key Benefits

3.3. "I Must Be Perfect" & Reward System

3.3.1. Beliefs "I Must Be Perfect" "I must win this contest" "I must perform this job perfectly." "I must be the best" The Reality of Caution Perfectionism

3.3.2. Power Tool Reward System Private Praise Contracts Gradual Steps

3.3.3. EXERCISE Design a Reward List Important! make keep Example

3.4. "I Can Achieve Without Discomfort" & Vitaminds

3.4.1. Beliefs "I Can Achieve Without Discomfort" "Maybe I will get lucky and..." "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow... " "Why put myself out.. ?" part of us hates The Point learn to without Discomfort

3.4.2. Power Tool Vitaminds Affirmations is written select turn Remember

3.5. "I Can't Change" & Relaxation

3.5.1. Beliefs "I Can't Change" "Some people just can't change," "I'm just lazy." "This is just the kind of person I am." "I'm just like my mom (or dad)." People DO CHANGE Constantly but The Point Your ability

3.5.2. Power Tool Relaxation Situational Relaxation Avoidance Process Hyde's Resistance Relaxation Important Situational Relaxation Technique Note Remember

3.6. "Something Terrible Will Happen" & A Goal Sheet

3.6.1. Belief "Something Terrible Will Happen" Fear listening to fear

3.6.2. Power Tool A Goal Sheet Important Purpose Exercise

4. Putting All Together

4.1. Stages

4.1.1. Decision purpose build psychological foundation commitment that would carry you through all the steps Two Sides of Coin In order to get what you want you must give up something else Give Up What? time money physical comfort emotional comfort security leisure personal relationship other goals etc. Exercise Take a sheet of paper Write down a goal Make two columns Look at Goal Sheet

4.1.2. Preparation Plan daily give 10 minutes make simple "to do" list break it down 6 Step Daily Plan Pick a goal from Goal Sheet Choose launch date Make a "to do" list Write down rewards Cross it when completed Review at the end of the day

4.1.3. Action Just Do It

4.1.4. Completion/Maintance requirements Awerness Attitude Action make sure you are actually doing things not just thinking about them monitor your progress daily Quick Self-Discipline Exercise Pinpoint specific action Ask yourself Uncover specific payoffs What will you lose? What benefits you will receive

4.2. Very Important

4.2.1. personalize Experiment with tools Find out what works for you Regularly alternate tools & techniques

4.3. Very, Very Important

4.3.1. personalize Hyde Hyde will be always with you Create relationship with Hyde Give a personal name for Hyde use nickname from your youth Hyde is reflection of child you were use name during conversations Dealing with Hyde is like dealing with a person different from yourself.

5. About

5.1. Author

5.1.1. Theodore Bryant

5.2. Subject

5.2.1. Mindset/Achievement

5.3. Book

5.3.1. Self-Discipline in 10 Days: How to Go From Thinking to Doing

5.4. Made by

5.4.1. Zygman

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