The reign of Catholic kings.

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The reign of Catholic kings. by Mind Map: The reign of Catholic kings.

1. In 1469 Isabel de Castilla and Fernando de Aragón married.

2. The objectives of the RRCC were:

2.1. Create a modern state thanks to:

2.1.1. Unify the army

2.1.2. They created the Holy Brotherhood

2.1.3. they created the mayorazgo

2.1.4. centralize the administration

2.1.5. they create corregidores and viceroys

2.2. Achieve religious policy

2.2.1. For this they created the conversion and the expulsion of Judíos and Musulmanes.

2.2.2. And they also created the inquisition.

2.3. The territorial union.

2.3.1. Thanks to the marriage union with Portugal.

2.3.2. Reconquer Granada und Navarra.

3. Foreign policy.

3.1. Castilla conquered:

3.1.1. North Africa: Melilla, Ceuta and Oran. Canary Islands and America.

3.2. Aragon canquered:

3.2.1. The Mediterranean, Cerdeña, Sicily and Naples.