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Bert Kimura SEARCH: Google, “Dr. Bert Kimura” by Mind Map: Bert Kimura  SEARCH:  Google, “Dr. Bert Kimura”

1. Conferences [SEARCH: Google, “kimura site:”]

1.1. Conference coordinator for TCC (Technology, Colleges, and Community) Hawaii 2018,

1.1.1. Also welcoming speaker, registrar (informal?),

2. Personal [SEARCH: Google "Mary Otani Kimura" retrieved from Facebook photo tag]

2.1. Education - LinkedIn Bio:

2.1.1. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign PhD, Chemistry 196-1969 University of Hawaii at Manoa BA, Chemistry

2.1.2. Leicester University

2.1.3. Rice University

2.2. Family

2.2.1. Married to Mary Eiko Otani, Associate Professor, Osaka Gakuin University; 2 daughters

2.2.2. Melia Kimura

2.2.3. Kay Kimura

2.2.4. Paul Ostroski relation uncertain

3. Professional [SEARCH: LinkedIn "Bert Kimura"]

3.1. Teaching

3.1.1. Osaka Gakuin University - Professor, [SEARCH: Google, “Dr. Bert Kimura”]

3.1.2. KCC - Professor Emeritus Coordinator, Information media & Technology Services University of Hawaii Kapiolani Community College Jan 1985 - Oct 2004

3.1.3. Adjunct Faculty, LTEC @ UH Manoa 2006 - present [SEARCH: LinkedIn "Bert Kimura"] Strangely, Dr. Bert has no presence on the faculty and staff directory of the UH College of Education. He only comes up in the list of publications for Curtis Ho.

3.1.4. Lecturer, ICT, Education Technology

3.1.5. Kansai University Oct 2010 - present

3.2. Research

3.2.1. University of Leicester - Research Associate

3.2.2. Research Associate Rice University 1969 - 1979 Research in the carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of transition metal carbonyl compounds.

3.2.3. Publications Books [SEARCH: Amazon, "bert kimura" Japanese Paper Doll Craft (authorship uncertain) Hawaii's vanishing flora Articles [SEARCH: Google, “Dr. Bert Kimura”] “Addition of hexafluoro-2-butyne to palladium(II) β-diketonato rings: The crystal structure of the adduct Pd (Acac)2(C4F62 Article in Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 66(2):C53–C55 · February 1974 with 2 Reads”

4. Social Media

4.1. Facebook [SEARCH: "@kimubert"]

4.1.1. Has an account. Minimal information under “about.” No personal pictures visible to a non-friend. Intro says he manages TCC Hawaii. Favorite Quotes: “It ain’t over until it’s over. If you see a fork in the road, take it.”

4.2. Twitter [SEARCH: "@kimubert"]

4.2.1. “TCC Online Conference coordinator. University of Hawaii, Kansai University faculty.”

4.3. YouTube [SEARCH: "bert kimura"

4.3.1. Non-Fierce Presence... only 4 subscribers. However he has 31 videos several of them are related to LTEC. Some are just personal.

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6. Quotations [SEARCH: Instagram @kimubert"]

6.1. "Life is about being in the right place at the right time. Doesn't happen often and when it does, it is wonderful. I notice it more when I am not in a rush and am enjoying being just where I am." [email protected] September 18, 2017