Pros of Adopting from an Animal Shelter

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Pros of Adopting from an Animal Shelter by Mind Map: Pros of Adopting from an Animal Shelter

1. You are Saving a Life

1.1. Providing an animal with the second chance they deserve.

1.2. Many have been rescued from horrific circumstances.

1.2.1. Cruelty, neglect and abandonment

1.2.2. Or quite simply their owners were no longer able to look after them due to illness or a change in situation

1.3. Shelter staff work to nurse animals back to health and do everything they possibly can to ensure they are prepared to go to a new home.

1.4. You can give an animal a loving, stable home, and help to stop overpopulation.

2. You Will Save Money

2.1. Shelters often microchip, spay, neuter and vaccinate the animals that come into their care.

2.2. Prices of adopting a pet from a shelter are often a lot lower than the rates charged by breeders.

3. Obliterate Puppy Mills

3.1. A puppy farm, or mill, is the illegal practice of breeding puppies for the sole purpose of maximizing profit, without any regard to the dogs’ health or wellbeing

3.1.1. Dogs at puppy farms are forced to breed several times to their detriment and they are often kept in terrible conditions without basic necessities

3.1.2. Dogs usually don’t receive any veterinary care, and will often be killed once they can no longer reproduce

3.2. Dogs at pet shops are often products of puppy farms

3.2.1. Adopting from shelters instead will aid in putting a stop to this illegal trade

4. Improve Your Health

4.1. Various studies have shown that a having pet can elongate your life.

4.2. Helps people with depression, stress, anxiety and many other ailments.

4.2.1. Stroking your pet can reduce your blood pressure and stress levels, and playing with them can increase the levels of serotonin and dopamine your body produces, making you feel calm and relaxed

4.3. Walking your pet is a form of exercise.

5. Many May be Housetrained

5.1. Animals at shelters have often been house trained in their previous home, especially if they are older.

5.1.1. Saves you time