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Digilari Blog by Mind Map: Digilari Blog

1. Lead Generation

1.1. Create, design, maintain sales pipeline (in general)

1.2. Marketing qualified leads vs. sales qualified leads

1.3. CTA

1.4. Forms

1.5. Landing pages

2. Strategy

2.1. Digital Strategy

2.1.1. Integrated SEO and PPC

2.2. B2B Inbound Strategy

2.2.1. Maximise your clients list

2.2.2. Happy journey between sales and marketing

3. SEO

3.1. Google algorithms updates

3.2. Basic guidelines for local businesses

3.3. Components of SEO articles

3.4. SEO tools, extensions (free & paid)

3.5. Roles of SEO in content marketing

3.6. B2B SEO

3.7. Website migration, security security

3.8. Link building (via quality content)

4. PPC

4.1. Quality Score

4.2. Cost per acquisition

4.3. Account structure at basic level

4.4. Search term reports. Negative keywords.

4.5. What to consider when creating keyword lists (costs, volumes, etc.)

4.6. Scheduling (AdWords + FB)

4.7. Buyer personas for FB Ads | YouTube | Display

4.8. Key metrics per channels and what it means

4.9. Why business should use PPC

5. Content Marketing

5.1. Importance of quality content

5.2. Editorial calendar template

5.3. Writing content to your buyer personas

5.4. Content distribution (how, where)

5.5. 20 different ways to approach a topic (Jake still thinks about it)

5.6. How to expand a lifecycle of a blog post

5.7. How to build buyer personas (for different industries)

6. Hubspot usage

6.1. Create, design, maintain sales pipeline (Hubspot users)

6.2. Pipeline management

6.3. Best practices to use Hubspot software

7. Cultulari

7.1. Company updates

7.2. Company achievements

7.3. Intern stories

7.4. Employee stories

8. Updates

8.1. Industry updates

8.2. Technology updates