Joy in Learning

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Joy in Learning by Mind Map: Joy in Learning

1. Teacher as a faciliator

1.1. Gorup work activity such Cooperative Learning provides students opportunities to learn with peers. Teacher's role is to faciliate and provide feedbacks

1.2. Students are given opportunity for self learning & discovery. Learning no longer is just through teacher teaching and students listening (one way learning)

2. build confidence in students

2.1. I hope my students have the spirit of dare to challenge. They welcome any form of tasks and activities.

2.2. I hope my students will have no fear for failure. Even they failed, I hope they acknowledge the failure, recognise the mistake and try again.

2.3. My students dare to ask whenever in doubt. The classroom environment setting must not be daunting for them to ask question.

2.4. I provide students the platform to showcase their works, do sharing & presentation without having any fears in them. This will let them learn happily with confidence

3. gaining knowledge instead of exam purpose

3.1. Experiential learning such as giving students hand on opportunity. For instance, I gave my P3 students to have an experiential learning growing green bean. This is related to one of the unit in their textbook.

3.2. Using ICT tools to enhance learning. Students using platform such as Linoit, Edmodo, Student Learning Space, Tricider etc. Students enjoyed using such tools to aid them in their learning.

4. recognise students' hard work and effort

4.1. It is importatnt that through daily praises & encouragement that will bring joy in learning. It will make a student keeps wanting to do even better in order to receive praises from teacher.

4.2. I believe students need to earn reward points through a series of effort. It will never be a one time off. For instance, they will accumulate their points to exchange for rewards. For my P1, they will need to collect 10 stickers to achieve a reward. As for my P3 & P6 children,, they will have a reward sheet that allow them to earn point. I never do the deduction of points to deter any form of negative behaviour as I felt that by deducting points will make them feel demoralised and may not work well to deter the unacceptable behaviour

5. Teachers' passion & mood impact too

5.1. I am a believer that a teacher's passion and mood will enhance the enviroment of learning.

5.2. A teacher who have a burning passion will create positive environment setting for learning. She will lead the students in wanting to learn.

5.3. "passion to teach will equate to joy in learning" Somehow when a teacher ihas the passion to teach, she will motivate the students and inspire the students to want to learn too. When the students have a urge to learn, the joy of learning will come along since it is never a dread chore to learn.

6. discipline in place

6.1. lesser reprimanding will allow more joy in learning

6.2. expectation of the enviroment aid in enhancing joy in learning

7. Strategies aid in bringing joy

7.1. Using Flipped Learning. Students enjoyed doing Flipped learning. This is because they are learning at their own pace. They are also doing learning at the comfort zone. No pressure from teachers and peers.

7.2. MTV also guide them to gain indepth learning through routines

7.3. Once students have masters strategies taught by teachers, they become more confident to conquer difficulties they faced in learning.