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1. Listen to rap music

1.1. watch only music videos when I want to listen to music

1.1.1. only talk in a "rapping" style only speak in rhymes

2. don't smile to anyone I pass

2.1. smile at everyone i pass

2.1.1. Yell at people from across the street and see how they react

3. call my brother once every hour (he would hate me)

3.1. FaceTime my mom while walking to class?? in front of my professor?

3.1.1. only send texts with the voice memo thingy and see how accurate they are

4. make my room super messy (this is so hard for me)

4.1. wear all one color from head to toe: rule, it must be obnoxiously bright

4.1.1. wear my sunglasses and hat into each place I go

5. try doing math in my head

5.1. say all of my thoughts out loud

5.1.1. shake hands with my left hand

6. dance outside of a heavy foot traffic area

6.1. sing super loudly any time I go into a bathroom

6.1.1. walk backwards for a whole day!

7. eat only foods that are red or green-- even spinach

7.1. don't have any full meals, only snack!

7.1.1. only drink orange juice-- fill it in water bottle

8. go without phone for a day

8.1. don't respond to any texts with a text, MUST call back

8.1.1. only answer texts as emoji's

9. Wear business clothes all day

9.1. in between each class in farmer, play the piano for the full duration of the break

9.1.1. walk into the calculus class I dropped first semester and sit in my old seat-- must be same professor

10. do all homework outside

10.1. don't use planner FOR FULL DAY (my nightmare)

10.1.1. do everything I would do during the day at night: homework, eating meals, showering, doing laundry, going to gym

11. eat with random stranger for all meals

11.1. ask random person to hangout

11.1.1. workout downstairs at the rec where all of the boys are play ping pong and make dinner in the basement with the foreign exchange students

12. don't set any alarms

12.1. make my roommate walk me to all of my classes and announce my arrival

12.1.1. walk in late to all of my classes and be stared at by everyone

13. sleep on the opposite side of my bed

13.1. do everything opposite

13.1.1. brush teeth with left hand be left handed!!! write, type, and eat with it, put makeup on with it