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Assessments by Mind Map: Assessments

1. H.O.T. Questions

1.1. Opening Questions

1.1.1. Knowledge and Comprehension Questions Can you compare the Sun to the Earth? How many planets are in our solar system?

1.2. Guiding Questions

1.2.1. Application and Analysis Questions How is the Moon related to the Earth? Which is more important to the Earth - the Sun or Moon?

1.3. Closing Questions

1.3.1. Synthesis and Evaluation Questions What would happen to our solar system if we did not have the Sun? What is your theory about the relationship between the Earth, Sun, and Moon?

2. Types of Asessments

2.1. Interim/Benchmark Assessments

2.1.1. tests administered throughout the school year that give teachers and students feedback on their yearly progress towards the academic standards MAP Testing Practice STAAR test - Interim STAAR

2.2. Formative Assessments

2.2.1. a wide variety of methods that teachers use to evaluate student comprehension and progress during a lesson, unit, or course Concept Maps with 1-2 sentences for the main idea/point of lesson Student/Teacher Conferences

2.3. Summative Assessments

2.3.1. a method that is used to evaluate a student's learning progress and achievement at the end of a lesson, unit, or course Mid-Terms or Final Exams End of Unit Tests

2.4. Diagnostic Assessments

2.4.1. a form of a pre-assessment that allows the teacher to determine a student's strengths and weaknesses prior to a unit Brigance Diagnostic Assessment example 2

2.5. Performance Assessments

2.5.1. the student's ability to perform or apply the skills and knowledge learned from a unit Driving Exam Portfolio or Presentation

3. Useful tools in the classroom

3.1. Google Forms

3.2. Quizizz

3.3. Kahoot

3.4. Nearpod

4. Why are assessments important to education?

4.1. Assessments help teachers determine whether or not academic/functional goals are being met by the students.

4.1.1. If these goals are not being met, teachers can use assessment to determine if the student has misconceptions and how to reteach the material in a meaningful way.

4.2. Purpose of Assessments

5. According to Merriam-Webster an assessment is "the action or an instance of making a judgment about something: the act of assessing something" Definition of ASSESSMENT