The World in a 100 years from now?

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The World in a 100 years from now? by Mind Map: The World in a 100 years from now?

1. Flying cars?

1.1. Flying cars might happen, but i think they'll be for extraordinary people, because cars are already very expensive, plus all the things that'll make it fly, all the safety that has to be included and so many other things. So in the end the flying cars are going to be expensive. Driving licences are expensive, and if everyone had to learn how to fly and drive a car it would be so expensive only rich people would be able to afford

2. Robot - good

2.1. i only think robots will be good for workplaces. If we had robots to do everything for us in our personal life, people would be lazy and get fat

3. Robot - bad

3.1. maybe, but i dont think so. I think at the time where robots starts getting in to our everyday, then we'll have so much power and control, that i wouldn't be possible

4. Purpose of the cellphone

4.1. Same as today, but maybe extreme things that we cant even imagine