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Mind Meister by Mind Map: Mind Meister

1. How Could This Be Used In the Classroom?

1.1. Brainstorming Ideas for Paper

1.2. Creating a Study Guide for a Test

1.3. Seeing What the Students Know About a Subject

1.4. Having Multiple Problems at Once for Competition Games

1.5. Language change can be used in Foreign Language Classes

2. Is it free? Yes, but there are limitations with some of the packages.

2.1. Free Package: 3 Mind Maps, Real-Time Collaboration, and Community Support

2.2. $4.99 Package: Unlimited Mind Maps, Attach Files and Images, Exporting to Image and PDF, and Printing

2.3. $8.25 Package: Admin Account. Exporting to Word and PowerPoint, Can Form Teams, Custom Maps and Styles

2.4. $12.49 Package: Multiple Admins, Priority Support, Group Sharing

3. Are There Any Limitations?

3.1. Only school friendly sign on is through Google so the students must be 13+

3.2. The free version is very limited, so it would be a lot to ask the students to purchase the program.

3.3. Gets a little expensive when wanting to share the content created

4. What is the learning curve for Students and Teachers?

4.1. Needs the know the basics and purpose around a word web

4.2. Tutorial is very easy to follow and uses basic computer skills throughout

4.3. Can even change the language to support ELL