Short Story Comparison Natasha Kassamali

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Short Story Comparison Natasha Kassamali by Mind Map: Short Story Comparison Natasha Kassamali

1. Coffee, Snacks, Worms

1.1. Setting

1.1.1. Place Bus Ontario Higway Her Home

1.1.2. Mood or Atmosphere Kate claims to have a really boring and routine based lifestyle "It was the most boring life in the world. This was the most boring place in the whole world." pg. 89

1.2. Plot

1.2.1. Introduction Kate's daily lifestyle is introduced as well as her absentmindedness. The story starts with her narrating a story of her own.

1.2.2. Rising Action The boy with the knife enters the store and threatens to cut her with his knife. Kate is bothered and doubts the fact that he actually has a knife. She offers him food and job possibilities.

1.2.3. Climax The boy with the knife leaves while dropping a knife in the garbage can on his way out.

1.2.4. Falling Action Kate is terrified and thinks about the possible outcomes that could have just occurred due to the fact that the boy did indeed have a real knife on him. "She felt sick at the though of what could have happened." pg. 92

1.2.5. Resolution Kate uses her personnel experience and thinks about a story reflecting the events with the boy with the knife and realizes that her life just got a little less boring.

1.3. Conflict

1.3.1. Person vs. Person The boy with the knife threatens to cut her if she doesn't give him all the money in the cash register.

1.4. Characters

1.4.1. Kate Protagonist Characteristics

1.4.2. Boy with a Knife Antagonist Characteristics Physical Appearance

1.4.3. Jeff Hodges Characteristsics Smart Annoying

1.4.4. Mrs. Richards Impatient "Day dreaming again, Kate? Mrs. Richards had asked impatiently." pg. 88

1.5. Point of View

1.5.1. Omniscient The narrator is telling the story.

1.6. Theme

1.6.1. Never judge a person's appearance/ never judge a book by it's cover. The boy with the knife was a scared starving boy rather than a scary robber.

1.7. Literary Devices

1.7.1. Similie "Home. A crummy little garage and snack bar, sitting all alone like an unwelcome wart." pg. 88

1.7.2. Hyperbole "Gulped the food so fast he didn't seem to chewing at all." pg. 91 "Within seconds he was wolfing it down desperately." pg. 90

2. Kath and Mouse

2.1. Setting

2.1.1. Place The School Cafeteria Gym Stage School Bus Kath and Kevin's House Church Basement

2.1.2. Social Conditions Daily Student Routine

2.1.3. Mood or Atmosphere Tense relationships created between Kath and Helen

2.2. Plot

2.2.1. Introduction Character's Kath, Helen, and Kevin are introduced. We can see Kath is already giving a cold shoulder to Helen by excluding her and calling her "mouse".

2.2.2. Rising Action Kath repeatedly troubles and bullies Helen "Kath shot a soccer ball at Helen, hard." pg. 63 "Where'd you get that backpack then?""Right""It's so... unique." pg. 63

2.2.3. Climax Both Helen and Kath perform at the Talent Show auditions and Kath finds out Kevin is performing with Helen rather than offering to perform with her. Kath doesn't perform very well, on the other hand Helen gives a performance to remember. Kevin on Kath's performance "It wasn't very good." pg. 66 Kevin on Helen's performance "Her voice blended and soared with the music, and for the first time, I understood what a terrific singer she was." pg. 66

2.2.4. Falling Action Kath is defeated and powerless after realizing Helen's talent. "I looked at Kath, sitting alone. Queen of nothing now." pg. 67

2.2.5. Resolution Kevin goes and sits with Kath. "I looked at Kath, sitting alone. Queen of nothing now. So I went and sat beside her." pg. 67

2.3. Conflict

2.3.1. Person vs. Person Kath and Helen (Cat and Mouse) "Kath shot a soccer ball at Helen, hard." pg. 63 Kath and Kevin "By the time we got off the bus, I was so mad I could hardly see straight." "Who made you the queen of the world?" I yelled at Kath in the driveway." pg. 63

2.3.2. Person vs. Himself Kevin vs. Himself "I felt bad, but I couldn't explain"

2.4. Characters

2.4.1. Kathryn Morris Antagonist A Bully Insecure Mean

2.4.2. Helen Protagonist Physical Appearance Characteristics

2.4.3. Kevin Morris Characteristics Gaurdian Sympathetic Empathetic

2.4.4. Christine Characteristics "Christine was a good athlete, and popular" pg. 64 Exclusive

2.5. Point of View

2.5.1. First Person The character Kevin Morris is telling the story

2.6. Theme

2.6.1. Treat other the way you want to be treated "Kath made fun of a girl named Christine, just once." "Christine was a good athlete and popular. She started having parties" "Kath was never invited." pg. 64

2.6.2. Stand up for what you believe in Kevin is always looking out for Helen "One more trick like that""And I tell, I mean it." pg. 64

2.6.3. Never judge a person's appearance/ never judge a book by it's cover. Helen seemed quiet and mouse like but turned out to be and unexpectedly terrific singer

2.7. Literary Devices

2.7.1. Pun "Kath and Mouse" (Book Title) The title is a pun referring to the relationship Helen and Kath share which is a "Cat and Mouse" chase. Kath being the 'Cat' and Helen being the 'Mouse'. In addition Kath sound like the word 'Cat' and Helen is referred to as a 'Mouse'. Therefore the title "Kath and Mouse, is a pun.

2.7.2. Irony "Where'd you get that backpack then?""At a garage sale""Right""It's so... unique." pg. 63 When Kath says "It's so... unique" it implies just the opposite, this is proven by everyone's laughter after the comment and Kath's role in the story (antagonist).

2.7.3. Personification "Her voice blended and soared with the music."