U.S. Public School Funding

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U.S. Public School Funding by Mind Map: U.S. Public School Funding

1. Topic Overview

1.1. Brief overview of topic

1.2. Why I chose the topic

1.3. The two perspectives

1.4. What I hope the viewers will learn

2. Background

2.1. History of the issue

2.2. Context of the problem

2.3. The issue at hand

2.4. Why the issue is important

2.5. How it will affect student's in the future

3. Perspective One

3.1. Reasons why someone there should be more money put towards public schooling

3.2. Research backing up this perspective

4. Perspective Two

4.1. Reasons why someone may think that no more money should be put towards public schooling

4.2. Research backing up this perspective

5. Viewpoint

5.1. How I feel about the topic

5.2. What I want my viewers to know about my opinion

5.3. Research to backup my opinion

6. Survey and Data Analysis

6.1. Create survey with 12 questions

6.2. Embed survey on this page

6.3. List results on page

6.4. Use the data from the results to analyze the idea

7. References

7.1. List of the websites I used for my research in APA format

8. About Me

8.1. Brief description of myself

8.2. Picture to show viewers who I am

8.3. Why I chose the topic

8.4. Contact form