you, me and the B&B

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you, me and the B&B by Mind Map: you, me and the B&B

1. About the Owners

1.1. Where we're from

1.1.1. Photos attached taken on my cell phone of the Arizona desert landscape. I will use the photo editing software for this.

1.2. How we got started

1.2.1. story shown through short infographic

2. Vacation Casitas

2.1. Styles of rooms that can be rented

2.1.1. I will use photos from the internet found on creative commons

3. Home

3.1. digital logo

3.1.1. i will develop the logo on a specific site

3.2. Easily accessible website URL

3.2.1. I will make this with a QR code creator

3.3. The name of the coinciding app will be available here

3.3.1. i will develop the app using a program discussed in class

3.4. Facebook page info

3.4.1. people can access the facebook page that i will create and place here

4. Photo Lookbook

4.1. i will post and edit photos of a B&B found online

4.1.1. the photos will be from creative commons

5. Menus

5.1. posted menu for various days of the week

5.1.1. i will take a screenshot of it and post it under this tab

6. Events

6.1. Weddings

6.1.1. Video of a past wedding hosted here

6.2. Birthday Parties

6.2.1. Photos of a dinner table set for a private dinner party

7. Reservations

7.1. This tab is where people will type their name and contact information, in order to reserve their room

7.1.1. they will type it into a Google Forms sheet