What is the connection between cell phones and classroom learning

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What is the connection between cell phones and classroom learning by Mind Map: What is the connection between cell phones and classroom learning

1. cell phones benefit classroom learning

1.1. Because cell phones are the technology chosen by students, the author describe them as game changers (Smartphones).

1.1.1. in the article "Smartphones will benefit classroom learning", the author states that " They're the tool of choice for that generation, and maybe most significant of all, they enable more than just anytime, anywhere learning"(Smartphones). This means that cellphones are preferred by kids and students.

1.1.2. The author states "Portability provides learning in context—while doing an experiment, [a student] can write it up; while on a field trip, [a student] can capture ideas." (Smartphones). This matters because it means that phones can be carried easily and used easier than other technology's on the go.

1.2. Students are being allowed by districts to bring their own cellphones to use them for educational purposes at school(Schools).

1.2.1. Cavallaro states "Certainly, the goal will be to allow kids at some point to bring their own devices to do research and (for) reading material,"(Schools). This makes me think that if school districts are considering it then maybe it can't be that bad.

1.2.2. The author states "It is important for teachers to understand devices in order to successfully implement them in lessons" (Schools). This connects because it shows how if teachers understood cellphones better they could help learning in the classroom.

1.3. Because cell phones are more portable for on the go.

1.4. Because cellphones are easier for kids to use.

2. cell phones do not benefit classroom learning

2.1. since the first child brought a abacus to grammaticus, The role of smartphones in school have been a contentious problem (Don´t).

2.1.1. In the article ¨Don´t give students more tools of mass distraction¨ the author notes that ¨cell phones may be conduits for information, but they are also tools of mass distraction¨( Don´t). This means that cellphones easily distract students from their work.

2.1.2. A 2009 study says that ¨students who sent instant messages during class took longer to perform simple task such as reading a written passage than those who did not¨ (Don´t). This makes me think that cellphones impact my classroom activities more than i think.

2.2. The editors argued that cellphones are hand held tools of mass distraction, encouraging texting, surfing, and other activities that have no correlation to learning. (Smartphones).

2.2.1. according to the author "The fact that not every student owns a smartphone must also be addressed" (smartphones). This matters because not very student can have the same opportunity as the others if they don't own one.

2.2.2. In the article "smartphones do not benefit class room learning" the author states "Similarly, a 2009 study looked at students who sent instant messages during class," and showed; 'Texting students took longer to perform simple tasks such as reading a written passage than those who did not" (Smartphones). This connects to the viewpoint because it shows how they aren't benefiting classroom learning.

2.3. Because cellphones cause mass distractions.

2.4. Because cellphones haven;t shown to help kids in the classroom.